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The Cavemen Are Coming! The Cavemen Are Coming!

our man scaled the walls and found himself at the super secret ABC Summer Press Tour. Don't Ask Me How. Top of the bill, an amazing facsimile of those sophisticated, complex GEICO Cavemen, in the new comedy Cavemen...

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by Jaycentee, for outsideleft.com
originally published: July, 2007
I mean if you can have a show that's LOST on an island day after day, you can surly have four guys in a car driving in the carpool lane.
by Jaycentee, for outsideleft.com
originally published: July, 2007
I mean if you can have a show that's LOST on an island day after day, you can surly have four guys in a car driving in the carpool lane.


ABC seems ready to rise from the ratings ghetto when they plug in the zip code for their new caveman comedy, called, oddly enough CAVEMEN. A show based loosely on the popular GEICO Car Insurance commercials. CAVEMEN (view clip), is about the everyday struggle of three cavemen (Bill English, Sam Huntington, *Nick Kroll) to live in modern day America.

I have to admit that, from what I heard, "CAVEMEN" was a "lets just toss it in the mix, it probably wont get picked up anyhow" extra side show, that actually got picked up. It didn't appear to have a lot of backing to start out.

Of the three Cavemen, Bill English has fewest notches on his belt for acting; Sam Huntington (the re-cast Cro-Magnon) is best known for his road trip movie "Detroit Rock City" (surely a contender on the forthcoming O/L list of worst rocknroll movies of all time!) though I might add for "StarWars" fans, he's in the new upcoming movie "Fanboys" - A group of "Star Wars" fans travel to Skywalker Ranch to see "The Phantom Menace" before it's release, Hmmm... type cast as a road trip actor??? Lastly the fabulous acting of Nick Kroll. Though Nick Kroll doesn't have much for photos on his acting sheet he does have a cave full of TVography selects on IMDB.

I liked the Nick Kroll Caveman, (oddly his character is named Nick too.) He's a sarcastic, laid back rebel type who seems to have all the fun on the show. As for Bill English, we will have to see if he will grow on yah, and the newly minted member seems to work nicely with the trio.

I sure hope this show gets a great set of writers because its truly going to need strong, arch, and keenly observed writing to get the best out a this truly comic scenario. ABC can have genre hit on their hands if they put the effort in to it. Comedies, though are much harder to to execute consistently well, I think, than any other genre.

I watched the guys go through their paces, recording some station id's while the director played Beyonce music in the background, The Cavemen busted up everyone in the room, not to mention their extra banter for the tags they were doing which was all on the spot comedy. Does it sounds like I am a "Cavemen" fan? Well I am all for watching it when it premiers online to the telly Tuesday, October 2nd, 8:00-8:30 p.m.

Other comedies coming to ABC in the fall include Samantha Who and Carpoolers.

Samantha Who star Christina Applegate, (Kelly on the hit show "Married with Children") was at the Press Tour, can we say HOT HOT HOT? This time around, she's faced with amnesia and to her dismay she finds that she wasn't a particularly honest, good-hearted or loving person as she rediscovers her past. That said she was HOT HOT HOT, forgive me but she was! She was a very pleasant and nice person to be around and kind enough to acknowledge people even though her acting status is way up there unlike some of the other actors who showed up. Not to name names but some can be real Diva's when they really shouldn't be. I should mention Christina had a very cool looking tat on her ankle. I didn't want to get slapped in the face for saying "uhh, hey nice tats" with her thinking I said "uhh, hey nice tits", although she seemed like she would have shrugged it off and just smiled politely as she threw her manager in front of her for cover.

The other Comedy "Carpoolers" features Jerry O'Connell, who has recently been linked with that hottie from another ABC hit show "Ugly Betty" Rebecca Romijn  (formally Romjim-Stamos, oddly enough her ex, John Stamos from x-men, was on an ABC show too, small world ehh?) I might add that the after shmooze party where the press got to mingle with the stars had Rebecca cornered most of the night. Every time I saw her she was swarmed with mics in her face. She did look like she was enjoying it. She must be used to it though, What would you expect when Rebecca Romjim was nearly naked. But... Carpoolers.... Carpoolers seems like it will be a great hit as four guys from very different backgrounds relish their daily commute as an opportunity to commiserate about their lives, jobs and families while in the carpool lane. Seeing the pilot kinda reminded me of the scenes from the movie "Office Space".

Carpoolers has a chance just because the four guys seem to work well together. Who knows how long a show can last in the car pool lane? I mean if you can have a show that's LOST on an island day after day, you can surly have four guys in a car driving in the carpool lane. Hmmm... maybe that does seem like a hard sell to the sales people, but hey! It looks good and who knows, maybe Rebecca will guest star, half-naked as it seems Jerry's character is the womanizer... or is he? Guess you'll have to watch the show to find out.

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