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Farewell Pharoah

Tim London recollects where Pharoah Sanders connects

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Outsideleft Week in Music... rockin' out with The Rakers

We're hearing from... The Rakers, Callum Easter, Big Joanie, Sudan Archives, Alhaji Waziri Oshomah, The Real Tuesday Weld, Feldermelder, The Wedding Present, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Anja Lauvdal, Italia 90, Goat, El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey, Suede, Allison Russell and Brandi Carlile, Plastic Harpoons, Maya Hawke and Victor Orlando

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Callum Easter is Made For TV

Ogglypoogly takes in the Callum Easter TV Special

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Reading Rocked In '75

Toon Traveler recalls a first teenage summer festival experience

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When Does The Mindbending Start?

Fuzzyfelt on Gordon King's The Life and Times of World of Twist


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