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Outsideleft Week in Music taking a liking to the cut of Lil Yachty's jib

We're hearing from... Lil Yachty, New Order, The Go! Team, Gorillaz, Augustus Pablo, The Orb, Hamish Hawk, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Rickie Lee Jones, Vic Mensa, Neutral Milk Hotel, Megan Brickwood, Alfa Mist, Lankum, Scott McMicken and the EVER-EXPANDING, Pernice Brothers, Eyedress, Kingo Halla and Kate NV

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Hamish Hawk's Angel Numbers

Ogglypoogly identifies a pattern here

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Start Making Sense

How filmmaker Jonathan Demme changed the way Jay felt about New Order.

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Who Am I If I Don't Represent?

Glenn Hardy Jr at the Charlie James Gallery

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Five Hearts for January

All of Outsideleft's January Five Heart Music Reviews in One Place


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