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Five Easy Pieces

MIchelle Watson talks us through five favourite pieces...

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Vividly Iridescent Mountainscape

Iridescent is the third LP of post-rock ambience and colossal riffs from Mountainscape 

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Outsideleft Week in Music Surveillance

We're hearing from... Ian Williams, As For the Future, Elijah Minnelli, Pig, Say She She, Willie Watson, Hinds, Phil Hayes, Rui Gabriel, Jason Robinson and Marcus Urani, Bohemian Cristal Instrument, Nick Hudson, Walt Disco, Delicate Steve, Horse Jumper of Love, Crack Cloud, Yishai Sweartz & Mona Mur, Drew McDowell, Susanna, Adios MF, Raconteurs, Teardrop Explodes & Soho

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Musical Memoirs: As For the Future's Soundscape

Sofia Ribeiro Willcox listens to the new LP by As For the Future'

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Hinds Give No Quarter

David O'Byrne Hears Hinds...


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