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Outsideleft's publisher, Lamontpaul is also the web designer for this and many other fine web sites (check out his other designs at webdab). He has done other things too, notably leading disabusive orange county punk rock revisionists 'Ron & Nancy' to no success, in the 90s. "We were a musical success," he maintains, "in the end we sounded precisely like I wanted us to sound. That was the struggle." Around the same time he edited the bands' internationally distributed fanzine, 'The World of...' As a writer he contributed a series of articles about bullet ridden eateries, 'Breakfast In America', to the now defunct 'Him' magazine. Once described by Captain Sensible of the Damned as being more interesting than Rod Stewart. Lamont is known for his hasty gravestone etchings published in the UK by 'Trouble'. Of outsideleft, he says "It's surprisingly easy to be better than almost everything else."


Queen of the Supremes 09.20.2020
No!No!No!No!No! Cassis B Staudt's Teethgraters 09.03.2020
Cassis The Incomparable... 08.29.2020
From Eszter Balint to Carla Bley... Cassis B Staudt meets New York 08.25.2020
It's Cassis B Staudt Week in Outsideleft 08.24.2020
Hiding in Plain Sight 06.12.2020
What Can You Do 05.31.2020
Pogus Caesar: This Job Is Never Done 05.24.2020
Now That's What Some People Call Music 05.10.2020
Complications of the Heart 04.03.2020
Outsideleft Nights In 03.23.2020
In Safe Hands Now 02.17.2020
Walking Distance 02.06.2020
Kinks, Curls and Fades 02.03.2020
Millicent Chapanda: You Can Hear What I Hear 01.31.2020
Mbira music starts here... 01.27.2020
Millicent Chapanda: My Music, My Life 01.27.2020
A Legend on the Basketball Court 01.27.2020
Millicent Chapanda Week in Outsideleft 01.22.2020
* Exquisite Minutes 01.17.2020
Most Read... Outsideleft 2019 12.30.2019
Andy Conway's Ghosts of Christmas Past 12.23.2019
Greta Alfaro's Fourteenth Station 11.28.2019
Bringing Books to the Market 10.13.2019
Back Home with Pete Harris 06.13.2019
Malcolm X Over Bearwood & Elsewhere 09.09.2019
My Time To Make A Noise Now 08.07.2019
Greta Alfaro. Courts. London 05.30.2019
A Good Year for the Rose(s) 05.24.2019
Alex Clarke: Jump Music 06.19.2019
JJ Superstar 03.11.2019
Maurice Tops the Lot 01.01.2019
Il mio obiettivo e vero 11.29.2018
My Aim Is True 11.30.2018
Nick Soulsby's Teethgraters 11.10.2018
An Education 11.06.2018
A Big Interview with Nick Soulsby 11.05.2018
Nick Soulsby Week in Outsideleft 10.31.2018
I Am Superman and I Can Do Anything 10.03.2018
Joe Ambrose is Back 09.27.2018
Outsideleft Big Ones 07.02.2018
CD Rose Has an Answer for Everything 06.28.2018
CD Rose Week: Who's Who When Everyone is Someone Else 06.26.2018
It's CD Rose Week in Outsideleft! 06.24.2018
World Cup Shirts: Russia 2018 06.05.2018
From Bauhaus to God's House. Maybe. 05.17.2018
Cold Pissed Off and Waiting, The last time I saw Dik Guru 04.14.2018
Holding Firm with Germa Adan 01.12.2018
The Outsideleft Top 20 Stories of 2017 12.31.2017
Who Are You This Time? 11.29.2017
The Outsideleft Interview: Philip A. Oldfield 11.24.2017
Blood Relationships 11.21.2017
Philip A. Oldfield Week in Outsideleft is Happening 11.16.2017
Wilder and Wilder 10.26.2017
Big French Kisses 08.14.2017
My Name is Earl, You Can Trust Me. 07.01.2017
Walker Brigade 04.21.2017
Roots, Culture, Identity Art Exhibition 03.24.2017
My Art is Made of Wood 03.04.2017
Elliott Smith Either/Or 02.25.2017
Pogus Caesar: Seditionary 02.14.2017
Wild Ponies are the Best Thing They Put in the Library Since the Books 01.22.2017
Big Loss: William Onyeabor 01.18.2017
Seventeen Big Ones For Sixteen 01.04.2017
What is Tav Falco doing for Christmas? 12.23.2016
Corker! The Pete Williams Band Live in Bearwood 12.22.2016
Sex and Love and Poetry (Can Be Very Fraught Indeed) 12.01.2016
Terminal Island Brotherhood Raceway 10.05.2016
Into The Jamila Woods 09.20.2016
I Saw Laura Cantrell in Church 05.26.2016
Greta the Great 04.18.2016
The Emergency Poet 07.21.2015
Group Show Number 7 03.12.2015
Everybody Needs Their Own... Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Chef 07.11.2014
Noir-torious. The art of Greta Alfaro 05.29.2014
Laura... It's Complicated 01.28.2014
Second Thoughts on San Pedro 01.09.2014
Don't Call it a Comeback! 12.15.2013
Fast Food From The Moon 12.10.2013
Take it from the Bridge 12.04.2013
Guilaine is Mining for the Arts of the Soul 11.28.2013
Lou: Velvet Underground 10.28.2013
The Mind of Joe Baiza 10.22.2013
Edwyn Collins rocks Double Denim at the Moseley Folk Festival 09.01.2013
Monocle 08.10.2013
Shane the film snob 07.30.2013
The Greatest 12.31.2012
Tav Falco's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Wish List 12.06.2012
Let Your Hair Down Kathleen Edwards 02.28.2012
Steve Jobs Died 10.06.2011
Happy Shopper #38: Andy Conway 10.05.2011
It's Andy Conway Week! Excerpt from Train Can't Bring Me Home 10.03.2011
Andy Conway Week is Coming to Outsideleft 09.26.2011
Tav Falco in Your Town 09.12.2011
Know Your Product - Northern Wood's Flat Pack Bookstand 07.21.2011
20 in 2010: The most popular Outsideleft Stories of the Year 12.18.2010
That Was That Year 12.31.2010
Hot Ginger's 5 Alternative Xmas Swing Tunes 12.21.2010
Happy Shopper #35 - Pogus Caesar 09.22.2010
World Cups: French Shirts 06.23.2010
Happy Shopper #33: Mark Piggott 04.08.2010
Man From Hebden Bridge: An Interview with Author Mark Piggott 03.30.2010
Mark Piggott Week in Outsideleft 03.28.2010
Alex Chilton Dead 03.18.2010
It's Time For Beyonce to Have a Baby 03.15.2010
The Results are in: The Outsideleft 2009 Top 20 01.02.2010
Happy Shopper #31: Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz 07.07.2009
The Photography of Kirk Lake 06.01.2009
Kirk Kirk Kirk Does Rufus Rufus Rufus 05.27.2009
It's Kirk Lake Week at Outsideleft 05.24.2009
If It's Tomorrow, It Must Be Tav Falco 05.07.2009
Happy Shopper #29: Brad Miller 02.22.2009
Outsideleft: The Top 20 from 2008 01.04.2009
Happy Shopper #28: Kerri Koch 11.26.2008
Off-Sunset Stalker: Uh-oh, It's Sandra Oh 11.09.2008
Sunset Stalker (The Return of...) and Antonio Villaraigosa 10.29.2008
Jordan Gaunce in Linear Motion 09.10.2008
Drained by the Dish Doctor 08.16.2008
Happy Shopper #24: Donald Ray Pollock 08.03.2008
Fruitless. 08.01.2008
Onwards to the Back 9: Outsideleft's most popular stories of 2008 so far 07.06.2008
Happy Shopper #23: Tav Falco 06.28.2008
Tav Falco's Up To Something Else 06.16.2008
Tav Falco's Up To Something Again 06.14.2008
Beatles vs Stones, Blur vs Oasis, Man vs Wild... Blackberry vs iPhone 06.07.2008
At Yves End 06.02.2008
Baby Land Cruisers 04.17.2008
Enter the Little Dragon 04.13.2008
The Blessing of the Animals 03.24.2008
Kissing Cousins Are Gonna Make It... Alright 03.16.2008
Pennsylvania, Racist Democrats 03.15.2008
Everyone Knows Crowes Blows 02.28.2008
outsideleft 1000 02.25.2008
At the All-Star Break: Waiting for t'Pau 02.16.2008
AdMITT it, You'll Miss Him 02.08.2008
Romney Marshes 02.05.2008
Hostel New Hampshire 01.08.2008
The Outside(r): State Farm 01.03.2008
Outsideleft's Top 50 Stories from 2007 01.01.2008
Happy Shopper #20: Jordan Gaunce 01.01.2008
Happy Shopper #19: Shannon Hurley 12.13.2007
Evel Dead 12.01.2007
Thank You, Top Stars 11.20.2007
In The Presence of Greatness Now 11.10.2007
Happy Shopper #17: Ice Cream Man 09.27.2007
Happy Shopper #16: Renee Cologne 08.01.2007
The Captain of this Ship is M.I.A. 08.01.2007
Walk The Walk The Walk Score Way 07.27.2007
An iPhone in Paris 07.12.2007
The Top 50 Most Popular Outsideleft Stories...Ever 07.06.2007
Outsideleft's Bottom. The 25 Least Popular Stories of the Year. So far... 07.04.2007
Kraziness and Kaos at the Kwik-e-Mart 07.03.2007
Outsideleft's Top 50 of the Year So Far 07.03.2007
The Fantastic Four, a Silver Surfboard and the Salton Sea 06.23.2007
an Odd Pitch #1: Elvis Costello and Lexus 06.15.2007
an Odd Pitch: an introduction 06.15.2007
Tav Falco's Up to Something... 06.03.2007
Nic Bettauer's Duck: Draining The Pool For You 06.01.2007
Dan Flavin at LACMA: We are made in his lightness 05.17.2007
The Mighty Duck 05.11.2007
Top Summer Reading: The LA Times Homicide Blog 05.11.2007
An instant rebate at My Beautiful Laundrette 05.07.2007
Saving Internet Radio 04.18.2007
I'm in H&M Heaven When You Smile... 04.11.2007
Happy Shopper #13: Edwyn Collins 03.10.2007
LAX is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down 03.10.2007
Happy Shopper #12: Brini Maxwell 02.21.2007
Spare the Blade! 02.21.2007
North American Scum 02.15.2007
Magritte: Pipesmoker 02.12.2007
Skin + Bones + Drainpipes 02.06.2007
T&D. Visions & Sound. 01.22.2007
The Sunset Stalker: The Shakespearience 01.11.2007
Doin' It For The Kids 12.11.2006
It's Beyonce's World Now... 12.04.2006
Todd Robinson's The Hard Bounce 11.07.2006
Thug Lit - Writing about Wrongs 11.01.2006
Bad Trip at the Troubador for Badly Drawn Boy 10.19.2006
Puttanesca is a Special Sauce 10.13.2006
Re: Born Sandy Devotional 09.28.2006
The Elephant Man: Banksy in Los Angeles 09.19.2006
The Broad Majestic Shannon 09.10.2006
David Hockney's Portraits. It's Over 09.10.2006
Old Hollywood 08.27.2006
Suspect Junction 08.27.2006
Hair & Make-Up: Outsideleft on Television 08.12.2006
Wives & Lovers live - Shake it Loose and Let it Fall 08.11.2006
This Hat is Actually Made From Magic 08.04.2006
Happy Shopper #4: John Kilduff 07.20.2006
Broad, Deep and High, the Super Sonic Mash-Up of Ultraviolet Eye 07.15.2006
The Robert Rauschenberg Combines 07.09.2006
Hair & Make-Up: Das Boat! The House of Boateng 07.07.2006
Hair & Make-Up: The Audience, Peripheral 07.06.2006
Half Time Highlights (brought to you by Google) 06.30.2006
The Last Eight 06.29.2006
Hair & Make-Up: The Greatest 06.27.2006
World Turned Upside Down 06.23.2006
Get Your Checkbooks Out, Then 06.16.2006
Robotic Giraffes and Other Tall Stories... 06.09.2006
This Congress Is Universal 06.02.2006
You've Got Great Cans 05.10.2006
The First Annual Outsideleft Hardy Annual 04.12.2006
Pogus Caesar: Muzik Kinda Sweet 03.19.2006
Pogus Caesar: From Jamaica Row 02.22.2006
On the move Still: The Art of Jesus Raphael Soto 02.13.2006
Introducing John Waters 01.15.2006
Rust in the Restrooms: The Ronald Reagan Library (and gift shop) 12.02.2005
Richard Hawley, the Late Night Lamenter 11.14.2005
Lichfield: The shutter falls silent 11.11.2005
KFC: Three Shots at a Chicken 11.06.2005
Jarhead: The Movie 11.06.2005
The Ones the Crusher didn't take yet... 10.27.2005
Wallace's Grommets 10.25.2005
Bedford the Builder 10.17.2005
Laura Cantrell, Making Hey at the El Rey 10.12.2005
Mason Pincer, His Arsenal, and a bunch of 40 Year Old Virgins 09.30.2005
Jonathan Ames is Up To Something... 09.26.2005
How Many Special People Change? Oasis, Live at the Hollywood Bowl 09.15.2005
GatorGate, Lake Machado, Harbor City, Los Angeles 08.18.2005
The No.1 Interracial Action Drama Comedy in North America 08.18.2005
Tav Falco's Up To Something... 08.10.2005
Oh Derbyshire, Not Much To Answer For 08.08.2005
Jonathan Ames at the Skylight Bookstore 08.04.2005
Is Metal Stupid? A Kettle Metal Conundrum 08.02.2005
Elisa Vegliante: The Artist in Residence 07.18.2005
Elisa Vegliante, 'Fantasy crime is a lot less messy...' 07.12.2005
Laura Cantrell, Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop 07.11.2005
Residency: Elisa Vegliante, Mondo Expressionist 07.05.2005
Outsideleft's Least Popular Stories of All Time 06.27.2005
An Onanistic Incidence of Narcissism... 06.20.2005
Can Someone Please Get Me an Art Education? 06.15.2005
SODA - The Society of Distracted Artists 06.06.2005
Paris Hilton: The Girl Can't Help It 06.01.2005
Hopps and Herms Hot Set 03.28.2005
Residency 4: Kitty and the Kowalskis 03.22.2005
Thirty-Six is 50% more than Twenty-Four, No! Really! 03.20.2005
The Attack of the Giant Baster 03.14.2005
Nice Place to Visit, Wouldn't Want to Live There #1: The Nixon Library 03.11.2005
Residency wk2 - Kitty Kowalski: Fetishes, Fighters and Flamers 03.07.2005
Residency: Kitty and the Kowalskis 03.01.2005
Cara and Jennifer in The Unexpected Metropolis 02.24.2005
I, Jonathan 02.21.2005
An Unwelcome Break from the All Stars 02.18.2005
101 Words about Big Jim 02.14.2005
Jon Bard's Five Great Soul Records You've Most Likely Never Heard Of... 02.11.2005
Orka Royale a New Look for a Beloved Old Friend 02.10.2005
Eating at Sundance 02.08.2005
There's a Riot Going on in the Soul Kitchen 02.07.2005
Together in Electric Dreams 02.01.2005
Some Abandoned Sofas, Los Angeles 01.28.2005
At the Sermon on the MacMount and Elsewhere 01.28.2005
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bent Plywood 01.25.2005
Obsessives Like Me? 01.04.2005
Jerry Orbach, star of stage, screen and television 12.29.2004
Rufino Tamayo: A Search For The Essence 12.28.2004
The Sculpture of John Frame 12.27.2004
At Home with Vitra at Home 12.23.2004
Beach Houses 12.26.2004

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