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Alex V. Cook
Music Editor

What can be said about Alex V. Cook that has not already been curiously tagged on the Dustbin of History? For money-makins, he's been a computer programmer for a baker's dozen of years and has been doing things on the Inter-web since he's been allowed to by its Keepers, but in his heart, he is a Cult Star. He's been producing his enigmatic self-taught artwork in a variety of media and has as of late, embarked on a musical journey, becoming a polymath of mediocre playing on a variety of innocent instruments. His love of music verges on the pathological in how he assumes its all meant to relate to him, that the errant MP3 from a long forgotten Johnny Cash album is a flashing blue light in the Kosmic K-Mart, alerting him of something special only he will understand. And, it's been said he is devastatingly handsome, but in actuality, wins the ladies over with his charm and rapier wit, and not because he is a doughy music nrrd and they smile with pity toward him.


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Five Great Love Songs of 2009 (so far) 07.31.2009
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Wilco: For Your Love 06.29.2009
Michael Jackson and plunderphonics 06.26.2009
Patterson Hood: Common Man as Hell 06.24.2009
Meet the Lemonheads' Tape Case 06.23.2009
Late for Church 06.02.2009
Bob Log III's Shit is Perfect 06.02.2009
Telepathe: The Sinister Side of The Real Bang Bang 05.28.2009
R.I.P. Jay Bennett 05.25.2009
It Hugs Back: They've Got It 05.07.2009
Imagine the Horrors 05.05.2009
Grand Duchy: I Got You, Babe 04.15.2009
My Love Re-explodes: The Dukes of Stratosphear return 04.08.2009
Micachu and Black Dice: Rip Up Your Love 04.08.2009
The Drones: Supercargo of Suffering 04.03.2009
Nostalgia Sweeping Away The Veils 04.02.2009
Preaching to the Choir: Phil Kline and Arvo Pärt 03.31.2009
The Living Jandek 03.17.2009
Stop Me If You've Heard This Dinosaur Joke Before: Morrissey and U2 03.02.2009
Goddamn Lonely Love: M. Ward, Lucinda Williams, and Jason Isbell 02.17.2009
Trading the Bellowed Anthems for the 60-cycle Hum 02.11.2009
They're All Normal and Want Their Freedom 01.09.2009
You Gotta Stay Positive: The Music of 2008 01.03.2009
Black is the Darkest Shade of Pink: Nachtmystium and Psychic TV 12.16.2008
Yo Saturnalia and Happy ''Christmas'' from The Singing Saws 12.05.2008
Lee Scratch Perry: Looney Orbiter in Dub 11.19.2008
Fordlandia: Hubris, Art, Duty 11.17.2008
Vic Chesnutt: The Ringer 10.30.2008
A Public Service Announcement on Behalf of the Mountain Goats 10.29.2008
Of Montreal: Contessa Under Pressure 10.23.2008
Bob Dylan Sure Grows One Hell of a Moustache 10.02.2008
Mogwai Have Nothing To Say and They Are Playing It 09.24.2008
We Are Lil Wayne 09.14.2008
Happy Shopper #26: Girl Talk 08.20.2008
The Hold Steady and the View from the Water Tower 07.30.2008
Watching for My Exit with Beck 07.16.2008
A Moment of Applause for Bruce Conner 07.09.2008
Steve Reich: Life, Death and Agitated Particles 06.30.2008
Silver Jews: A Funny Thing Happened on
the Way Back From Death
Shearwater: Swooning, Screaming, Disappearing 06.05.2008
Robert Mapplethorpe Died for Somebody's Sins, But Not Mine 05.30.2008
Jamie Lidell, World's Greatest Boyfriend 05.18.2008
Matmos and the Warm Glow of Technology 05.09.2008
Boris: Such Sadness in their Smile 05.07.2008
Being and Nothingness, Preferably While Drunk: Constantines and Ladyhawk 04.30.2008
Execution by Machine Gun: Peter Brotzmann and Han Bennink 04.29.2008
Succumbing to Evil Urges 04.27.2008
Here Lies Nick Cave, Dancing Barefoot on his Own Grave 04.23.2008
R.E.M. - An Acronym for Themselves 04.16.2008
Grant Me The Serenity to Accept the Black Keys I Cannot Change 04.04.2008
Yeah, Here Comes the Waterworks - Velvet Revolver R.I.P. 04.03.2008
I Can't Believe I'm Writing about Gnarls Barkley 03.31.2008
Spring Heel Jack: Ghosts Outside the Machine 03.28.2008
Blasters of War: Thee Silver Mt Zion 03.24.2008
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Idiots, or Harbingers of the Boring Endtimes? 03.17.2008
This Year's Deluxe Models: Elvis, Ronnie and Ryan 03.14.2008
Bang On with Your Fangs On: Vampire Weekend and Panther 03.08.2008
Tift Merritt, Country Singer of the World 03.07.2008
Mother Earth is Pregnant for the Fourth Time 03.05.2008
NIN: Free Work's Alright If You Like Vibraphones 03.03.2008
Bon Iver: Over the Breakup and Through the Woods 02.27.2008
These Mountain Goats Make a Worthy Sacrifice 02.19.2008
The Hissing of Herbie Hancock 02.11.2008
The Future of the Left is Better than the
Now of Everything Else
Up on the F*cking Block with Xiu Xiu 02.02.2008
The Velvet Jackhammer of Einstürzende Neubauten 01.27.2008
Drive-By Truckers: Poetry Flies on Chicken Wings and Rides a Mechanical Bull 01.23.2008
The Magnetic Fields and The Disturbance in the Force 01.17.2008
And You Don't Stop... But Where to Go? - Sole and Lupe Fiasco 01.12.2008
Ariel Pink, Walk With Me 01.08.2008
Ruthlessness, Cosmic Justice and Bitchslapping: The Westerns of 2007 12.31.2007
There's a Kind of Hush: Richard Youngs and Sandro Perri 12.22.2007
Do Anybody Make Real Shit Anymore? – The Music of 2007 12.16.2007
Not the Same Without the Glowing Pyramid 12.05.2007
Sir Richard Bishop: Six Strings and Everything 11.24.2007
Saul Williams: Getting Niggy With It 11.24.2007
Death Fugues, The Black Forest and the Wellspring of Suffering: Dan Kaufman and Paul Celan 11.23.2007
Something Hrsta This Way Comes 11.09.2007
The Unbearable Lightness of Film School 11.02.2007
Crushing Society Under Their Wheels: Vic Chesnutt and Robert Wyatt 10.21.2007
Jazz Vs. The Chicago Underground Trio 10.17.2007
Radiohead: In Rainbows, Onto Darkness and Approaching Self-Actualization 10.10.2007
Bless My Soul: Sharon Jones & Bettye Lavette 10.03.2007
Cross-terranean Post-Postmodern Tone-sick Blues Part 3 - Iron & Wine 09.27.2007
Cross-terranean Post-Postmodern Tone-sick Blues Part 2 - Akron/Family 09.22.2007
Cross-terranean Post-Postmodern Tone-sick Blues Part 1 - Devendra Banhart 09.22.2007
Animal Collective: The Grass Menagerie 09.10.2007
Love is the Greatest Common Factor 09.05.2007
The Flood of Jazz and The Black Ark 09.04.2007
Popping my Bubble: Caribou and Architecture in Helsinki 08.24.2007
Sellin' Flowers at the Airport for The Angels of Light 08.22.2007
Writing on the Walls of Death With Dax Riggs 08.20.2007
Solid Gone - Merv, Lee, Tony, Ingmar and Michelangelo 08.15.2007
Duet Like You Mean It 08.11.2007
Fuck Prince 08.01.2007
Shopping Mall Nightmare via The Sea and Cake 07.26.2007
Genesis Breyer p-Orridge: Destroying Culture One Boob Job at a Time 07.23.2007
Bachelor Party with Jason Isbell and Mark Olson 07.18.2007
Spoon and Interpol: Grounds for Concern 07.07.2007
Until Further Notice, All Videos are to be Done by Feist 07.06.2007
Hail the Conquering Douchebag 06.28.2007
Ryan Adams: Ego Trapped in Amber 06.25.2007
Don't Miss Our Annual White Sale 06.20.2007
Drop Your Margaritas and Run Naked in the Streets 06.18.2007
Frog Eyes, Spilt Coffee and The Spurt of Blood 06.08.2007
Shellac is a natural polymer and is chemically similar to synthetic polymers 06.07.2007
The Tubes and You #1: Pussyamazing 05.27.2007
The National Saved My Life 05.22.2007
James 'Blood' Ulmer, and Why You Should Care About The Blues 05.21.2007
Attack Decay Sustain Release Love 05.19.2007
So Maybe The Eagles Don't Suck Then? 05.15.2007
Bjork: Does Bjorrk Rhyme with 'Dork' or with 'Quirk'? 05.08.2007
White Light/No Heat/Lots of Stretching 05.07.2007
Don't Eat the Brown Lutefisk 04.25.2007
From The Allman Brothers to The Monkees with Most of Your Dignity Intact 04.24.2007
Postmodern Dutch Rub, or, Is That Anything like a Rusty Trombone? 04.23.2007
A Funny Story About King Kong 04.18.2007
Every Now and Then, I Don't Fall Apart 04.16.2007
Everybody! Punch the Sky! 04.13.2007
And the Ass Saw The Side-Project 04.07.2007
The Universe Began in Texas, 1965 - Part 1 04.07.2007
All Aboard the Rad Times Xpress - Alex V. Cook interviews RTX's Jennifer Herrema 03.26.2007
Dead Possum, Hospital Bracelets and Loops - A Good Trip with Panda Bear 03.26.2007
The Low Tide of Summer's Prelude 03.25.2007
Hating Those Meeces To Pieces 03.23.2007
The Hip-Priest of the Hyperreal 03.15.2007
Five Sonnets on Arcade Fire's Neon Bible 03.01.2007
A Day in the Life with LCD Soundsystem 02.23.2007
I Love a Bad News Woman 02.22.2007
Happy Shopper #11: Jennifer Herrema 02.15.2007
Weirder and Weirderer 02.15.2007
Mage Against the Regime 02.14.2007
Return of the Soft Rock Renegades 02.08.2007
From Reggae to Regg, Eh 02.05.2007
Keep Clapping and Keep Saying Yeah 01.31.2007
The Shins are Here! The Shins are (yawn)..excuse! 01.26.2007
Possessed By the Devil's Comedic Timing 01.25.2007
The Violinist and the Doll Collector 01.22.2007
Black Stars and White Dwarfs 01.11.2007
C'mon, Get Weird on Me 01.05.2007
Me So Horny!, or, Jazz is Discovered to Still Exist 01.04.2007
Sticking a Fork in It - The Music of 2006 12.27.2006
Another OD at the Palace of Wisdom 12.15.2006
The Girls Won't Touch Me... 12.08.2006
The Soft Rock Renegades 12.07.2006
When The Samba takes You Out of Nowhere 11.29.2006
I Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow 11.23.2006
Storming the Dark Side of the Moon 11.16.2006
Toward the Infinite Junkyard Boogie Nirvana 11.10.2006
By The Time We Get The Fuck Out Of Woodstock - New Psychedelic Music 11.08.2006
Cycles of Life and Death with Richard Youngs 11.06.2006
All Hell Breaks Loose in the Loveliest way 11.01.2006
The Howling Dogs from History's Prison 10.24.2006
Beaten to death with chandeliers 10.20.2006
The Hollow Truth and Nothing But The Truth 10.16.2006
The Book of Music, Alex V Cook's 'Darkness, Racket and Twang' 10.06.2006
Even though your questions are cliche - Kid Congo Powers Interviewed 10.06.2006
Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Do Drugs 10.05.2006
He Saw a Lot of Life in Us - Sufjan in New Orleans 09.21.2006
When You Fall In Love, It Will Be Forever 09.19.2006
Knock that Smile Right Off Your Face 09.13.2006
Trance Rock Saved My Life 09.13.2006
Happy Shopper #6: Kid Congo Powers 09.12.2006
I Met Ariel Pink's Mom 09.05.2006
Get Out, Get Out, Get Out - Alex V. Cook Interviews Jason Molina 09.02.2006
The Fangs, The Fur, and the Justification of Consumer Electronics 09.01.2006
What Do You Get When You Cross a Metal Dinosaur and an Indie Rock Pussy? 08.30.2006
You Are Guilty When You Dream 08.29.2006
Technically, the Devil is From There 08.21.2006
You Would Feel Safest of All Too If This Was Your Car 08.18.2006
Arthur Lee, Alone Again Or 08.11.2006
Rock Out With Your Hitchcock Out 08.11.2006
We Will All Die When Our Ship Comes In 08.09.2006
Prince, Henry Rollins, Kenny Chesney and Cameron Diaz. Darkness, Racket and Twang 07.29.2006
There is this Thing People Masturbate With... 07.25.2006
No Time Like the Present to Not Present Things 07.24.2006
The Garroting of Eric Clapton Will Commence in 3..2..1 07.20.2006
Probably not our Final Thoughts about Syd Barrett 07.12.2006
I Don't Know Why I'm Mad, But I Know I'm
Mad At You About It
Next Up, He'll Do a String Quartet for Each Zip Code 07.03.2006
References 'N Haircuts 'N Bands, Oh My! 06.30.2006
The Gentlest Wingmen are the Best Wingmen 06.28.2006
Junior Would Be Proud 06.07.2006
When He's Not Making Weapons for Vampire Killers 06.07.2006
No Donkeys Were Punched in the Reviewing of This Album 05.26.2006
Hey, You Got Your Riff on my Echoplex! 05.25.2006
Seattle, So Much To Answer For 05.15.2006
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend 05.12.2006
I Can Feel The Big Feelings Again! 05.04.2006
Newsflash! The New Neil Young Album Doesn't Suck 04.28.2006
Hear Evil, See Evil, Be Evil 04.24.2006
Crystal Meth, Death and Defining Moments 04.18.2006
Favorite Son, For the Second Year Running 04.13.2006
More Like 'At War With The Piss-Take' 04.10.2006
It is a Sad and Beautiful World 04.06.2006
My Love is Bigger Than Your Love 03.27.2006
Project Managers Go Wild! 03.27.2006
Way Down Yonder in a Hollow Supernova 03.13.2006
Bring the Sludge 03.11.2006
Seriously, Touch Me. I'm Not Sick Anymore 03.08.2006
On Not Being In Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti 03.02.2006
Funky Minimalism - the Greatest Common Factor 02.21.2006
Son of his Own Pretend Preacher Man 02.17.2006
Big Wheel Keep on Turnin' 02.14.2006
Insert 'Pussy' Reference Here 02.05.2006
What Good is a Purr Without a Scratch 01.30.2006
Conceptual Dreaming and Sleepy Reality 01.26.2006
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down 01.25.2006
And the Horse the Universe Rode In On 01.20.2006
Strange Bird A Warblin' 01.20.2006
No Cowbells Were Harmed in Tonight's Show 01.19.2006
A Revolution On Your Couch is Nigh 01.04.2006
National Health Care, the Metric System and Now This 01.03.2006
From My Clutter to your IPod: The Music of 2005 01.04.2006
You Had Me at "strum..." 12.15.2005
What if They Opened King Tut's Tomb, and It Was Filled With Weed? 12.14.2005
Don't You (Forget About These) 12.12.2005
Can We Get The String Section Some Weapons for the Photo Shoot 12.12.2005
Better than Before 12.08.2005
I Can See Your Dirty Pillows 12.07.2005
Good Times! Come On! 12.07.2005
Whisper To A Scream 12.02.2005
Shelter Me, Already 11.29.2005
Three Horsepersons of the Apocalypse 11.29.2005
How I Love Blue Monday 11.28.2005
Their Guitars Want to Destroy You 11.22.2005
The Heart of Rock n Roll 11.21.2005
Children of the Corn 11.18.2005
Dwight Live 11.18.2005
Oh Yes, It's Ladies' Night.... 11.17.2005
Caribou to the Rescue 11.15.2005
Like When the Gods Still Walked the Earth 11.12.2005
You Will Dig Repetition 11.09.2005
This Band has Actual Buzz Around Them 11.07.2005
The Mass and The Fine Art of Dude Music 11.02.2005
Don't Hate Them Because They're Beautiful 10.31.2005
If You Could Just Keep Your Weed In It Too... 10.27.2005
The Album of the Year is Wet with Blood and Tears 10.26.2005
The Living Prince and his Pink Nasty 10.25.2005
And The Sticker Really Does Smell Like Laundered Money 10.24.2005
You Can Take This Violin From My Cold Dead Hands 10.24.2005
Embracing Ones Inner-Windmill Guitar Technique 10.22.2005
Opening the Chamber Door One More Time 10.19.2005
Try a Little Tenderness 10.18.2005
Mine Ears Have seen the Glory 10.17.2005
Why Is There an Old Man in the Garage Shouting About 'Wolverines'? 10.13.2005
Dead Pets, Painkillers and Thee, My Love 10.11.2005
Fall has arrived! Gaze at your Shoes and Rejoice! 10.10.2005
They Call me 'Dances With Pandas' 10.04.2005
The Nuclear Family has Exploded My Mind 10.03.2005
This Charming Man 09.29.2005
Um, Guys? It's Really Dark In Here... 09.29.2005
The Boy Done Good 09.27.2005
Theremins and Fogcutters Forever! 09.27.2005
He Ain't Meta, He's My Brother 09.26.2005
The New and Still Reining Champion 09.23.2005
Sons of the Preacher Man Go Wild 09.22.2005
On Haze and Murk and Your New Favorite Band 09.21.2005
Actually, I Think It IS Monkey Music 09.19.2005
At the Sound of the Tone, You Will Hear Everything 09.16.2005
Getting Way Out Beyond the 'wah WAH wahhh' 09.15.2005
No Parking on the Trance-Floor 09.14.2005
Mad About the Boy 09.14.2005
You Only Hate the Ones You Truly Love 09.12.2005
Meet My Friend J??nsi! 09.11.2005
All That Glitters is Greener on the Other Side - An Attempt to Describe the Wonders of OOIOO 09.07.2005
Get Your Doom On 09.08.2005
Holidays in the Sun 09.07.2005
Heavy to the Molten Core 09.06.2005
Jumping from the Top Of the Ferris Wheel Again 09.06.2005
Send in The Clown (The One With the Guillotine) 09.02.2005
When You're Too Old But Its Still Not Too Loud, Yet 09.01.2005
How to Plan a Fog 08.31.2005
Here I Am! Rock You Like a, Well, Nevermind 08.31.2005
Square To Be Hip 08.31.2005
A Blast from the Past, in Meteor Form 08.25.2005
Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Wing 08.24.2005
My Journey Into Suburban Damnation: Live Black Metal 08.23.2005
For the Sake of a Song and Screw You, Uncle Mike 08.19.2005
Born on a Laser Beam 08.18.2005
There's Something Funky in the State of Finland 08.11.2005
Balloon Music for the Whole Family 08.11.2005
A Wrecking Ball for the Soul 08.07.2005
Payola is Definitely Wrong and My t-shirt Size is XL 07.28.2005
W.W.J.L.D.? 07.26.2005
A Tiny Little Short Ray of Sunshine 07.25.2005
When Underworlds Collide 07.22.2005
It's Not Unusual To Be Loved By Anyone 07.21.2005
That's Why I Started This Damn Country Band 07.19.2005
(Re) Living in Electric Dreams 08.09.2005
I Sing the Hippie Electric 07.15.2005
Ecstatic Cling 07.15.2005
Dark Matter 07.12.2005
Viva L'evolution! 07.11.2005
Don't Fear the Reaper 07.07.2005
Where The Autobahn Passes Through Omaha 07.07.2005
This Bird Can Change After All 07.06.2005
Astral Projection for the Enya-Intolerant 07.05.2005
I'm Certain You Cannot Be Wrong, Socrates 07.05.2005
They Are Iron Men! 06.30.2005
You Need this Like a Hole in Your Head 06.29.2005
The Top 10 Best Records of 2005 (So Far). 07.08.2005
Death and Synthesizers 06.27.2005
Our New Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart 06.24.2005
Hail The Conquering Loner 06.23.2005
The Big Not-So-Easy 06.22.2005
Metal Spaceship Music 06.20.2005
Hope for the Youth 06.15.2005
She's Not Like the Other Girls, Dammit 06.14.2005
American Master 06.13.2005
Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vikings 06.09.2005
Veni Sur! Senti La Illinoise! 06.08.2005
Turn up that Goddamn Space Music! 06.07.2005
The Wisdom of a Sage 06.06.2005
Space Age Love Song 06.02.2005
All Hail Our New Alien Overlords 06.01.2005
Surf's Up, Baltimore 05.31.2005
How to Have Your Own Music Festival at Home without All the Hippies 05.30.2005
Can I Get an Amen 05.26.2005
Your Hall Pass to the Grand Ole Opry 05.25.2005
A Bicycle Built for Two...OF DEATH! 05.24.2005
Step Away From The White Album, Sir 05.23.2005
I'm Okay, You're Okay 05.19.2005
What to wear once the Bauhaus shirt has faded 05.18.2005
Dance, Dance, Dance to the Misery 05.18.2005
Why, Yes I Am Ready for your Truth 05.18.2005
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag 05.17.2005
Invasion of Personal Space 05.16.2005
Hail the Intrepid Explorers 05.16.2005
And The Winner Is 05.11.2005
Scotch and Pringles 05.11.2005
The No Longer Guilty Pleasure of Hard Rock 05.10.2005
The Wrong Reasons are the Right Ones 05.09.2005
Do The Funky Western Civilization 05.06.2005
Wild Thing, I Think I Love You 05.04.2005
This is Your Brain on Mike Patton 05.03.2005
The Revolution will be Performed in Four Sections 05.02.2005
Appetite for Reduction 05.02.2005
This is not the Best Album in the World, It is Only a Tribute 04.28.2005
Trials and Tribute-lations 04.27.2005
Recluses and the Music Geeks that Love Them 04.27.2005
Brighton the Corners 04.26.2005
A Case For Genre-Hopping 04.20.2005
An Unpronounceable Name Carved on the Rock of Ages 04.19.2005
The Late and Finally Great Elliott Smith 04.18.2005
Your New Favorite Band You Never Heard Of 04.18.2005
Don't Let's Keep On Going 04.15.2005
New Menu Item from the Breakfast Club 04.14.2005
The Tracks of his Tears (whoever he might be) 04.13.2005
I Had me a Music Fetish, That Fetish Done Me Wrong 04.12.2005
You Bastards! 04.08.2005
Electro Shocks to your Boombox 04.07.2005
Kronos Quartet Live 04.06.2005
Bummer Lovin' 04.06.2005
I Saw The Light 04.01.2005
RIP Mitch Hedberg 04.01.2005
Menage a Rock 03.29.2005
Incubus Succubus Redux 03.28.2005
Atmospheric Conditions 03.28.2005
Family Magick 03.24.2005
The Sweet Triumph of Active Survival 03.24.2005
Set the Controls for the Heart of Rock-n-Roll 03.23.2005
The True Sound of Silence 03.23.2005
Genius + Love = Soul, and a Death Boner as Well 03.21.2005
Contest! Pit Er Pat 03.21.2005
The Forbidden Fruit 03.18.2005
No Trace of Me Lucky Charms Here 03.17.2005
This is Not a Fugazi Review 03.17.2005
An Open Love Letter to the Drive-By Truckers 03.16.2005
Found: The New Soul Rebels 03.16.2005
The Goods on the Kowalski's 03.14.2005
The Odd Bird that is Cool Adult Music 03.14.2005
The Funky Future is Now 03.11.2005
10 Favorite Psychedelic Albums 03.09.2005
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bong 03.08.2005
Reap the Snide Wind 03.07.2005
She was Born a Folk Miner's Daughter 03.02.2005
Introducing Nic Armstrong 03.02.2005
Silva Into Gold - An Example of Modern Alchemy 03.01.2005
A Walk Across My
High School
Um, Can We Listen to Some Music Already? 02.18.2005
God Save the Queen, er, King 02.16.2005
Release the Wiser, Older Bats 02.14.2005
How to Finally Find that Heart of Gold 02.09.2005
Remember What Good Albums Sound Like? 02.09.2005
Mock Ye Not My Dongle! 02.07.2005
Bonnie 'List' Silly (AKA 10 Egregious Rock Nicknames) 02.01.2005
Bring Out Your Dead 01.20.2005
Hungry for the Wolf 01.20.2005
No Sugar, I Take it Black, Thank You 01.24.2005
Not That There's Anything Wrong with Loving Xiu Xiu 01.10.2005
The Return of the Boredoms 01.10.2005
Do Yourself a Favor, Be Daniel Johnston's Savior 01.09.2005

Spoon and Interpol: Grounds for Concern
Spoon and Interpol both released serviceable records that send me off looking for things that are more than serviceable.
Be the Best Beckham You Can Be
David Beckham. He's always been nothing more than the Andre Agassi of football to me - all style, no substance.
Hiding in Plain Sight
Bob Holroyd's Ambient Journey into Where We Are Now
References 'N Haircuts 'N Bands, Oh My!
So I halt the robot assault on youth culture one more time due to the catchiness of Minneapolis' Tapes 'N Tapes
Remember What Good Albums Sound Like?
Tinariwen's Sub Saharan Homesick Blues
Exiled from their Mali home, renowned nomads Tinariwen recorded their 7th album in the deserts of California, Morocco and Paris...
Some of our favorite things...