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David O'Byrne: International Desk

David O'Byrne is a former fanzine writer and indie band manager, turned full time freelance journalist, travel writer and occasional fiction author based in Istanbul.
His journalism has been published in or by newspapers, magazines, agencies and web sites all over the English speaking world. He has reported live for a host of English language broadcasters including BBC, RTE, CBC and France 24, and wrote and researched a large part of the Time Out guide to Istanbul.
On the rare occasions he isn't working he listens to a diverse range of inspiring music by the likes of Hermeto Pascoal, Fela Kuti, Newen Afrobeat, Blurt and John Coltrane and the mighty Fall and watches movies by directors such as Juzo Itami, Satyajit Ray and Jafer Panahi.

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