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Ancient Champion: Columnist

We’re not really sure who Ancient Champion is as we only ever communicate via email, text, and the occasional postcard. There's so much we don't know, yet every article written lets us in a little more. Where’s Ancient Champion from? "Nowhere and everywhere and nowhere,” the Champ responded when we asked simply for tax purposes. 

What we are sure of is that the Champ is a musician who once dabbled in lo-fi garage rock & roll years before revivalists like The Strokes made it popular. About 10 or so years ago, put the electric gee-tars and effects pedals in storage, and dusted off his old keyboards and drum machines. These days the Champ makes “easy listening for difficult people.” Electronic instrumentals dripping with misanthropy and melancholy. It's good music to chill out to.

What’s next for Ancient? 2021 will see more of his works -- more music, more live gigs (pandemic permitting), more articles, and his eagerly awaited short story collection, Six Stories About Motoring Nowhere which will be released on SideCartel as part of their Sextet series. We’ll keep you posted.

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