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Look! This page borrows from the Instagram school of design. It's not the Mies van der Rohe International Style we transposed when we began OUTSIDELEFT in the 1930s, nor is it our pastel interpretation of pop art themes that we've been leaning on for a little while now. It is a pragmatic choice though, because...

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Reanimating the rotten corpse of Industrial

One Imaginary Goth


Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 2

Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 1

Outsideleft Week in Music: Hard as Night Nails

Drinking the Krambambuli with Momus

Poetry Breakfast

Marginalised, Represented

Soundscapes of Solitude: Exploring Isolationism

A Cure For Goth


Sunday Morning Poet: R.M. Francis

Outsideleft Week in Music... Entangled and Free

Step Inside This House

Park Road Life

Ancient Champion, Dave Monks, John Rushton & More...

dada Joaozinho's Rhythms of Resilience: from Sombre Lockdown to Stardom

Auto Erotica

Open House

Some of My Best Friends Are... Bongos

The Sunday Morning Poet: Jay Lewis

Week of Easy Violence in Music

Surviving Genesis


All About and Contributors


Outsideleft exists on a precarious no budget budget. We are interested in hearing from deep and deeper pocket types willing to underwrite our cultural vulture activity. We're not so interested in plastering your product all over our stories, but something more subtle and dignified for all parties concerned. Contact us and let's talk. [HELP OUTSIDELEFT]


If Outsideleft had arms they would always be wide open and welcoming to new writers and new ideas. If you've got something to say, something a small dank corner of the world needs to know about, a poem to publish, a book review, a short story, if you love music or the arts or anything else, write something about it and send it along. Of course we don't have anything as conformist as a budget here. But we'd love to see what you can do. Write for Outsideleft, do. [SUBMISSIONS FORM HERE]


Outsideleft Studio 67 with Millicent Chapanda

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