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Punk Had A (Scottish) Baby and They Called It...

Grant McPhee's new book on Scottish Post Punk music, Postcards From Scotland, like his film, Big Gold Dream, enthralls Tim London

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David J: Chats from the Attic

Alan Rider sits down with former Bauhaus and Love and Rockets founder David J to ask him about ritual magick, exhuming his old demos, and whether Bauhaus really is finished.

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Ancient Champion: Let Ed Ruscha Be Your Guide

Drop everything and head directly to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for NOW THEN the Ed Ruscha retrospective

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Outsideleft Night Out with Lu Warm

Friday May 3rd, acoustic guitar picking from Lu Warm, vintage vinyl from dj Woodenhand

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Industrial Revolution

A new publication aims to catalogue the UK industrial underground through the voices of those who were there


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Outsideleft exists on a precarious no budget budget. We are interested in hearing from deep and deeper pocket types willing to underwrite our cultural vulture activity. We're not so interested in plastering your product all over our stories, but something more subtle and dignified for all parties concerned. Contact us and let's talk. [HELP OUTSIDELEFT]


If Outsideleft had arms they would always be wide open and welcoming to new writers and new ideas. If you've got something to say, something a small dank corner of the world needs to know about, a poem to publish, a book review, a short story, if you love music or the arts or anything else, write something about it and send it along. Of course we don't have anything as conformist as a budget here. But we'd love to see what you can do. Write for Outsideleft, do. [SUBMISSIONS FORM HERE]


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