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Happy Shopper #35 - Pogus Caesar

Pogus Caesar launches his new book of iconic photography. And shops...

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by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: September, 2010
the Bull Ring Indoor Market - for the best fresh fish in town
by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: September, 2010
the Bull Ring Indoor Market - for the best fresh fish in town

FiImmaker and photograper Pogus Caesar is hard to pin down, spinning around town on his 1980s Peugeot PX-10... His new book of photography, Muzik Kinda Sweet (Punch/OOM Gallery Archive), is a breathtaking body of work. Collated over 25 years, capturing some of the most iconic artists the world has seen... Augustus Pablo, Don Letts and Denis Brown rub shoulders with Aaliyah, Jimmy Cliff and Jay-Z - in candid portraits redolent of the great Sid Avery. What if you were in the presence of greatness and you took a trusty Canon Sureshot?

cover artCurrently, he's in post-production with his documentary, Aaliyah Live in Amsterdam, a very emotional reminder of just how immense and influential Aaliyah would have become, if she'd had a licensed pilot, Pogus catches the singer at a moment in her life and career when everything was simply happening for her.

Having said that, every man needs to shop. Sometime, somewhere, some Happy Shopper he will become. And this is how Pogus Caesar does it...

1) What was the last electrical appliance you bought?
Yamaha KX 393 Cassette Deck

2) How many shoes do you own?
22 pairs including Trainers, also some battered Army boots I’ve had for 9 years.

3) Thinking about only what you are wearing now and including your watch, jewellery and glasses if you wear them, how much would it cost me to get dressed up just like you? And where would I have to go to get the look?
It's been a little chilly the last few days. So I’m wearing an old style black and whie Gabicci knitted cardigan, (£20) white T Shirt that has a photo of Augustus Pablo (£65), Brown Johann Cruyff Recopa Classic Trainers (£70) and a Tan leather jacket (£40), Jeans by Hybrid (£30). The cardigan is from Camden Market, London , the T Shirt is designed by me for OOM Gallery, the Trainers were bought from SOLE, Birmingham, Leather jacket from the Bull Ring Rag Market, Birmingham, the jeans from TK Maxx, Birmingham. There you go £225, although you'll need to shave your head for the complete look.

4) What are you going to be eating for dinner tonight?
I'll be cooking this evening, so we'll have West Indian style chicken with rice, a little mixed salad with lots of avacado... We avoid starters and sweets.

5) What is the most amount you have ever spent on a bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverage and when and where was it?
It was in Caracas during the 1980's, at a club called Mosquito Coast and was a mixture of various rums with lime juice, cordial and ice. Can’t remember the price but it semed like a lot of bolívar at the time.

6) What and where is your favourite shop?
The great Birmingham institution, the Bull Ring Indoor Market - for the best fresh fish in town.

7) How do you get around town?
I’ll drive when there's the need, I also own a lovely racing bike, 1987 Peugeot PX-10 which can get me in and out of places quicky, in all kinds of weather I really enjoy walking.

8) Where is your favourite place to holiday?
I'd have to say Cape Town, South Africa

Muzik Kinda Sweet (Punch/OOM Books) has a launch party as part of the Birmingham Book Festival, on Friday October 15th, 6.45pm. MAC Cannon Hill Park Birmingham, UK B12 9QH.

Birmingham Book Festival

Book will be on sale at www.punch-records.co.uk

and of course from amazon Muzik Kinda Sweet - Pogus Caesar

Main Pogus photo by Dee Johnson 

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