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20 in 2010: The most popular Outsideleft Stories of the Year The most popular, widely read stories published by outsideleft in 2010

20 in 2010: The most popular Outsideleft Stories of the Year

The most popular, widely read stories published by outsideleft in 2010

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2010

approximate reading time: minutes

Four Tet: They're the ones that you want

20 in 2010. The most oft read stories published in outsideleft in 2010. Great stories but we'll gladly put it all behind us and look forward to...

  1. Four Tet: OK, OK, I'll Dance Already by Alex V. Cook
    Back in 2005 Kieran "Four Tet" Hebden reclaimed techno for people that liked real music, but on his latest, he reshapes it for those that still like dance music.
  2. A Stay of Execution for Gil Scott-Heron by Alex V. Cook
    What Gil Scott-Heron was, and still is, is a poet. A blues singer. A snake charmer with a cobra fed on a diet of a desperation, insight and hope.
  3. My Rival - Alex Chilton Remembered by Joe Ambrose
    Joe Ambrose fondly remembers Alex Chilton
  4. Alex Chilton Dead by LamontPaul
    Musical legend and one of the greatest songwriters ever bites the dust
  5. The National and the Class Song of the Damned by Alex V. Cook
    The lovable, awkward losers in the National find their moment of true grace on High Violet.
  6. Drive-By Truckers Sit Their Narrow Asses Down by Alex V. Cook
    The drinking man's thinking-man's-band finds their heaviest moments in a sober look at life.
  7. We Like American Music: Titus Andronicus and The Red Krayola by Alex V. Cook
    Jerseyite rabble-rousers Titus Andronicus and arty ex-Americans the Red Krayola each cobble bewildering portraits of the U.S. of A. out of scraps of history and glimpses of the Truth
  8. --
  9. Jackie Milburn Said by Mark Piggott
    Easter monday is a big day for second-tier soccer fans, all eyes looking up or horrifically pondering the drop... For you, Mark Piggot week continues in O/L with a soccer story of sorts...
  10. Bullets Over Baker Street by Henderson Downing
    With Holmes and Watson on DVD, Cameron and Clegg in Downing St, can we admit that Guy Ritchie is the new Godard?
  11. The Rebirth (part one) by Shane O'Reilly
    In the first of several parts, Shane O'Reilly shares his love of South East Asia...
  12. --
  13. --
  14. Wondering About the Suburbs by Alex V. Cook
    Arcade Fire has made it, but what did they really make?
  15. Happy Shopper #35 - Pogus Caesar by LamontPaul
    Pogus Caesar launches his new book of iconic photography. And shops...
  16. Hands by Malcolm
    Essayist Malcolm suggests you find something to hold on to before you take another step
  17. The child must be taught a lesson by Chris Connolly
    Man Alive! Chris Connolly... Whenever his stories arrive, they're most welcome of course, but damnâ„¢! we sure hope they're fiction...
  18. MCM EXPO 2010 - Sex and Violence, Free Hugs and Silence by Luke Skinner
    New recruit Luke Skinner attends the Music Comic Media Expo in London's Docklands... the horror, the horror.
  19. Happy Shopper #36 - GONZO: Anthony Hope-Smith and Will Bingley by Lake
    Graphic biographers Hope-Smith and Bingley go shopping.
  20. Crying In The Cinema by Bruce Bailey
    Boys don't cry but Bruce Bailey does. Sometimes

Re-read them if you can, you'll be richer...

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