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Hats Off to Larry

Sometimes something crops up that makes you swoon all over again. These cruddy days, that's good isn't it?

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by Hamilton High, for outsideleft.com
originally published: October, 2012
I was trying to get him to contribute to my Sad Craft collective, Jesus Craft

As so often happens I was looking for something else. Really, something to do with sound latency when I chanced upon these purest of, simplest of, most minimal music videos that had me questioning every single thing that I do while making me fall in love with music once more. Divorcees daring to dip back in for what feels like for the first time all over again will know the feeling. Hats off to Larry for his wonderful work. It is mesmerising.

About ten years, ago I was in Larry's living room, in the liberal heart of the OC, on an unrelated matter - I was trying to get him to contribute to my Sad Craft collective, Jesus Craft, to help design amongst other products, the perfect sipper - who were we to know that world would be taken over by 40oz tankers. Back then Larry could afford to suffer fools gladly. He even helped out Ron & Nancy playing with one arm, Def Leppard style. Even with one arm, Larry was still better than any drummer the band had had at that point. Great to reddiscover Larry, by chance, still making magic.

Also check out more of Larry's amazing one man band stuff on SoundCloud and as always turn the volume up.

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Hamilton High

Hamilton High was born on Doheny Ave in the gutter, is a poet, writer and observer of popular culture. Likes fashion and cares less for style. He's on the move, he's an alter ego and we hardly ever hear from him.

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