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Whitehaven so much to answer for

A poem from Rick Casson reflecting on the events in his home town of Whitehaven on June 2nd, 2010.

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by Rick Casson, for outsideleft.com
originally published: August, 2013
A poem from Rick Casson reflecting on the events in his home town of Whitehaven on June 2nd, 2010.

'Where are you going?'

A family reunion then lay down the law
For deep rooted grudges and settling scores
And debts to pay when there's nothing to say
Where there's a will there's a way!

The cost of the taxi wasn't fare
A price to pay, an eternal stare
Below blue skies while the eyes
Pale in comparison, as life ebbed away

Caught by sea, see TV, immoral theft
Watched by millions, as panic left
From one place to the next
In a county shocked, bereft

Gunning for a runner in glorious summer
Killing time while the meters off
A taxing period for a man whose eyes
Were blind to human demise

This picturesque hell, for reasons to tell
A shocking conclusion after hours of confusion
12 unwilling disciples, a selfish last supper
Taken away, while the rest made to suffer.

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Rick Casson

Rick Casson's work has been published in newspapers and journals across the north west. Rick designs flat pack furniture from reused and recycled materials. He's a much in-demand rock drummer too. Where does he get the time?

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