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Second Thoughts on San Pedro

Photographer Tim Maxeiner has a new show at Cornelius Projects in San Pedro

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by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: January, 2014
The show Tim has put together with the Cornelius Projects was inspired by San Pedro's 10,000+ historical image and document archive

Tim Maxeiner's Second Thoughts on San Pedro 
January 11th - March 1st

Fresh from the great success of The Mind of Joe Baiza at the tail end of 2013, The Cornelius Project, dedicated to promoting culture and art in San Pedro, CA opens their third exhibition, 'Second Thoughts San Pedro, Photographs from the SAN PEDRO BAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY complemented with contemporary photographs and videos by TIM MAXEINER' on January 11th, 2014.

Originally from Germany, photographer Tim Maxeiner moved to San Pedro just a few years ago. An urban explorer and documentarian, Tim has turned his gaze and his lens towards the rich history of San Pedro.

The show Tim has put together with the Cornelius Projects was inspired by San Pedro's 10,000+ historical image and document archive he chanced upon while exploring the city. He was initially stunned by the volume of material and thrilled that he was given access to the entire archive.

Maxeiner made repeat visits and began to cull from the extensive photography collection finding images that mirrored some of his own recent photographs of San Pedro, and some that revealed another layer or different thematic perspective. The process of pairing the historical images with the contemporary images creates an unlikely conversation, which is sometimes humorous, enlightening and occasionally provocative. 

What you'll see at the Cornelius Projects is a beautiful, evocative testimony to an American seaside city that endures. Not to be missed if you're in the neighborhood or even if not.

Opening reception on Saturday, January 11, 2014 from 7–10 PM
Contact: Laurie Steelink 310 266 9216

Gallery Opens on Saturdays from 1-6pm

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