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A Modest Proposal

Visual Artist Victoria Arriola describes her new show Mellemrum at SOPAS as a modest display of new explorations. Don't miss where she is going.

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by Lee Paul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: March, 2014
Sometimes ethereal, sometimes slight, slightly momentous Mellemrum has been well worth the wait

the space in between
SOPAS Gallery

"Mellemrum," says visual artist Victoria Arriola of her new show at SOPAS, "is a process in progress."

Resident of Southern California, Victoria's work for Mellemrum is influenced and often inspired by her frequent residencies in both Iceland and Denmark over the years, and has in so far as I can tell, been a long time coming. But life and various associated distractions clip our heels sometimes even as we'd soar or is that just me? For in the here at last and now, the sometimes ethereal, sometimes slight, slightly momentous Mellemrum has been well worth the wait...

Using combinations of vellum, photography, sewn silk, wood panels, paint and clay, Mellemrum explores the integration and juxtaposition of design and art. Victoria Arriola's life and career. The floaty repetitive circles offer some comfort and the space between, her life in transition. It is the most beautifully understated, intimate and personal work. 

After a long career as a creative director of art and design projects in advertising, Mellemrum represents renewed connections to Victoria's roots in the visual arts. 

Mellemrum runs from March 8th to April 4th and is a feature of the Pasadena Artwalk and is not to be missed, don't be a passer by. 

Mellemrum - the space in between
March 8th - April 4th, 2014  
SOPAS Gallery
1121 Mission Street,
South Pasadena 

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