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Urania Descending Lands at the Horse Hospital

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by Lake, Editor, London for outsideleft.com
originally published: September, 2014
As eccentic and esoteric as one would expect from the irrepressible Mr Falco

Long time Outsideleft favourite Tav Falco presents his new feature film "Urania Descending" at the Horse Hospital in London on September 19th/ 20th. An expressionistic razor-cut noir, and as eccentic and esoteric as one would expect from the irrepressible Mr Falco, the film follows an exiled American girl through the chiaroscuro corridors of a Vienna hotel and out onto an Austrian lake in a doomed hunt for lost Nazi gold. Seduction, sedition and surrealism from one of the last true American art mavericks. Watch the TRAILER. For tickets and information - http://www.thehorsehospital.com/now/urania-descending-tav-falco/

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Editor, London

the first journalism Lake ever had published was a history of Johnny Thunders for Record Collector magazine, since then he has written for publications including the Guardian, Dazed and Confused, the Idler and more recently, outsideleft.com as you have just seen.

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