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Greta the Great

Imagine Outsideleft fab favorite Greta Alfaro + 1500 litres of wine + 300 glasses + erm, handguns. It's a mess to love.

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by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: April, 2016
Thousands of litres of wine, hundreds of wine glasses, handguns in possibly the wrong hands

Greta Alfaro
Comedias a honor y gloria de Greta Alfaro
La Sala La Gallera de Valencia
April 8th - June 12th, 2016

The unmistakeable Spanish artist, Greta Alfaro is putting on a summer spectacular 'Comedias a Honor y Gloria' at La Sala La Gallera in Valencia. Curated by Alba Braza and OMG it is unmissable. Look... Thousands of litres of wine, hundreds of wine glasses, handguns in possibly the wrong hands, lapsed security, I mean, security handing out the guns, and cctv to witness the potential carnage in a building seemingly conceived an age ago as the Coliseum of cockfighting - really, you couldn't make it up, you're looking at the kind of mess we like.

Greta is possibly best known for 2009's, IN ICTU OCULI + (here in OL) which the Saatchi got their fingers on. Read the rest of this paragraph after you've watched the video again... Devilishly entertaining, violent, beautiful and breathtaking, right? 

Look, I loved this earlier sentence so much I am going to use it again already (and maybe in the pullquote too)... In a building seemingly conceived an age ago as the Coliseum of cockfighting, it really is true...Guests, invited, uninvited, I don't know, I am happily uninformed, get to grab a gun, possibly a Glock, possibly not, and get to shoot the shit, or whatever they want to do, to a carefully assembled cadre of stemmed glasses full of red wine. When people tell you it couldn't happen here, it's probably some sort of excessive exchequer wine duty thing, everything else is possible. Sadly, we the missed the shooting part of the show, which is a shame, I don't know how handy you are with handguns, but me, lethal with a Glock at 10m vs a stationary paper target, they're the most perfect toy like pistol. Little wonder they're the choice of killers the world over.

There's something in the shooting that makes me think of Pryce Lee and his ruminations on the possibility of violence breaking out, surprising death changing life in an instant, from nowhere, - there's precious little of it around the galleries I attend. Violence sure, but modern violence?

Whatever, until June 12th, there's time to visit the gallery to witness Greta's  glorious the aftermath and watch the CCTV coverage. An opportunity not to be missed.

Some of the facts here might not be straight, but at least then, there's video here.


información esencial:
Comedias a honor y gloria de Greta Alfaro
La Gallera 
C / Aluders - 46001 Valencia (Spain) 

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