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Seventeen Big Ones For Sixteen The most widely read stories published in outsideleft during 2016

Seventeen Big Ones For Sixteen

The most widely read stories published in outsideleft during 2016

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: January, 2017

approximate reading time: minutes

Greta Alfaro is Number One

The year that was in outsideleft

These stories were huge. Overall.

Then I began thinking about weighting them... To be the top story, you'd have to divide even crudely the opportunity to amass page views by the number of days the story was available... So, massive impact or steady eddie's... The tortoises and the hares. And well who could be bothered to even read that... So The big ones from 2016... Great to see one of our favorite artists Greta Alfaro at the very top. Her summer show was hugely creative. Looking forward to seeing her work on display in Wales in 2017.

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  1. Greta the Great
    Imagine Outsideleft fab favorite Greta Alfaro + 1500 litres of wine + 300 glasses + erm, handguns. It's a mess to love.
  2. I Saw Laura Cantrell in Church
    Laura Cantrell, live at St. John the Evangelist, Oxford
  3. Dik Guru Urban Folk Alive
    Dik Guru live at the Chaos Acoustic Club, Moseley
  4. Martin Carthy: I Am Legend
    Martin Carthy live at the Garden Cafe
  5. Well, Who Would You Be?
    A story by author Chris Connolly
  6. Into The Jamila Woods
    Jamila Woods album HEAVN is a place where something always happens, and for now for free.
  7. Dr. John Cooper Clarke Gets Us Back On Drugs
    Dr John Cooper Clarke's poetry is our new drug of choice
  8. Terminal Island Brotherhood Raceway
    San Pedro's Cornelius Projects document the legendary Terminal Island Brotherhood Raceway in a new book of photography from Eddie Meeks.
  9. What's Tav Falco Doing for Christmas
    Tav Falco heads back to Arkansas... It's an adventure
  10. Most Things Don't Happen is a Happening
    Kirk Lake has just published a selection of his lyrics, poetry and smattering of short stories in one handy and affordable volume.
  11. Kate Tempest vs. The Useless Redundant Fuckers That RUle The World
    Jason Lewis sees Kate Tempest for what she is... Star!
  12. Solitary
    Michelle Williams meets Katharine Lee McEwan, writer, star and producer of the multi award-winning movie Solitary
  13. Cum on Feel PJ Harvey's Noize
    Jason Lewis sees PJ Harvey tear up Wolverhampton's Starwork's Warehouse with one of the shows of the year.
  14. Picture This #1: Bryan Ferry
    Ahhh, another series of fleeting encounters (now with photos!!!) with the famous and infamous. Number One, Jason Lewis bumps into Bryan Ferry
  15. Corker! The Pete Williams Band Live in Bearwood
    Dexy Pete Williams brings his band to Corks for Christmas
  16. Sex and Love and Poetry (Can Be Very Fraught Indeed)
    On the eve of the publication of her book PixieKisses, poet PixieVic gives a frank, charming and funny interview
  17. There Is A Light And It Rarely Goes Out
    Dan Flavin, It Is What It Is and It Ain't Nothing Else at the Icon

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