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by Hamilton High

originally published: July, 2017

Mike Davids' insouciantly cool conglomeration of understated blues, jazz and laconic late night standards is a synapse tingling, toe-tapping thrill

Mike Davids' insouciantly cool conglomeration of understated blues, jazz and laconic late night standards is a synapse tingling, toe-tapping thrill


story by Hamilton High

originally published: July, 2017

Happening on things is a joy and after a brilliant Attila the Stockbroker gig last week, I found myself at the bar of the Windsor Theatre bringing on the rest of the night with Warren the Shoe, a couple of chilly Blondes, all part of the plan, and, perchance the Mike Davids Band. It was a moment, Mike Davids' insouciantly cool conglomeration of understated blues, jazz and laconic late night standards is a synapse tingling, toe-tapping thrill. I was simply, gently, blown away.

The band features Mike Davids on lead guitar and vocal, Chris Hutchins Drums, Phil Woodlock, Bass; Martin John Smith, Harp; Obed Cunningham, Alto Sax; Nick Stokes, Tenor Sax; Ian Davies, Tenor Sax; And Anne Adams Vocal, Acoustic Guitar and percussion. Seasoned pro's for sure, with resumé's and backstory enough to scare anyone. And they're mainly old, these guys would give the Stones a run for their money in the Collective Age stakes. But what's the choice there? You're gonna get old or you don't so, so what. I mentioned it anyway because I just thought these guys must be the ones with the gold plated pensions what with their beautiful guitars and vintage gretsch kits.

They are working their way through a six month Thursday night residency at the Windsor Theatre and there a plans a-foot for an album, an album we would very much love to hear.

Anyway you need to see them, you need to know more and I needed to ask and here's what they said.

OL: How did you guys get together, how long have you been working together?
Mike Davis Band: It all started when we took on a weekly residency about 2 and a half years ago, some of the guys showed up to have a jam. Its evolved from that really. It started with just guitar, bass and drums. We have gained other band members over that time. We still do that residency and use it as a way of keeping in touch with our sound.

OL: It's just such a beautiful cool jazzy sound, are you playing at the city jazz festival?
MDB: The answer to that to be honest is no.

OL: Since of you guys played with the likes of Barbara Streisand I think. And great rock n roll stories you can share?
MDB: All that's in the past! We'd rather concentrate on the future and what's to come.

OL: Do you write any original stuff, do you have recordings people can hear?
MDB: All the actual music we play are all original arrangements, Mike writes the music although the lyrics are from mainly Jazz or Blues classics.

OL: What are your inspirations, music, arts, literature?
MDB: There are 6/7 of us, we all have different ideas and tastes in music so that is very difficult to define. It ranges from Kenny Burrell, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Etta James, Billie Holiday. There's also a leaning towards Country and folk, so as I said there's quite a range of different tastes...

OL: What next for the band?
MDB: We take every day of every week and every gig as it comes. We are hoping to start to record our first CD in the next month or so, we are looking forward to doing that.

The Mike Davids band are at the Windor Theatre Bar in Bearwood most every Thursday.

Essential Info
Mike Davids Band on Facebook
Windsor Theatre Bar, Bearwood on Facebook here

Hamilton High

Hamilton High was born on Doheny Ave in the gutter, is a poet, writer and observer of popular culture. Likes fashion and cares less for style. He's on the move, he's an alter ego and we hardly ever hear from him.

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