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Who Are You This Time? Philip A. Oldfield week concludes with an overview of his brilliant storytelling which means there's a book for everyone...

Who Are You This Time?

Philip A. Oldfield week concludes with an overview of his brilliant storytelling which means there's a book for everyone...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: November, 2017

approximate reading time: minutes

Stocking fillers all...

It's been a great pleasure getting together with the author Philip A. Oldfield and talking about his life and his amazing books and unearthing the incredible work that goes into each title. Honestly, people who had been previously unaware of him have approached me in the street to curse his brilliance! It's true! I can only reply that they must have known we wouldn't have even bothered to do this if Philip wasn't that good. He is.

Anyway to wrap up Philip A. Oldfield week, we're highlighting Phil's books and his versatility. With links straight through to Amazon to enable you to, well, it is almost December, get these stocking fillers into your shopping carts or kindles... It's because of his versatility that there's a Philip A. Oldfield book for everyone.

the lying truthTHE LYING TRUTH
458 pages

To understand it, you have to live it. To find the truth, you must live a lie. You have no choice. You have to … you just have to, if you are to survive … but murder comes at a price. It always does. This story, comparable to 'Girl on the Train' is much more than a fast-paced psychological thriller. It is about twisted relationships and the lengths people will go to uncover the truth or live a lie. At times, the story treads lightly across characters’ lives, at others, it plumbs despair, fear and the dark borders of insanity. Living in Exeter, England, Kate Bevoir finds herself entangled in a web of deceptions. The thick web of deceit that has invisibly surrounded her unravels as she learns her husband Niall suffers from retrograde amnesia. What is buried deep in the Bevoir's family history? Very soon, Kate's love turns to fear, then hate when Niall threatens to kill her and their two children. Subjected to his erratic and increasingly controlling behavior, Kate can no longer stay silent. Her life depends on it. As she travels the length and breadth of the country, facing treachery, pursuit by the police and the betrayal of all that she once held as true, Kate must make the ultimate sacrifice. How far should she go for love?
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288 pages 

Romantic Comedy Adventure Roz Summers loses a £1 million pound contract. What was the harm in that? Mary, her boss who happens to be the head of a top creative design agency, fires her. And with only 4 weeks to go to Jess' Halloween engagement party, which Roz, by the way, is dreading, she finds out Jack has been kidnapped in Sierra Leone. Maybe he had not left her all those years ago. But there's a problem. It is a pretty big one, actually. Al-A-Bib will only negotiate with her. From Sierra Leone's Freetown Airport to the country's deepest reaches, Roz must drive a cargo of TVs and keep the ransom money safe. Travelling at night on the wrong side of the road is not for the faint-hearted or for those who cannot stay awake. Anything could happen. And when Roz comes face-to-face with the leader of Al-A-Bib, a reckoning awaits, but not the one she was expecting.
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508 pages

...You should know that I have met some of the people in this story. For Claire Yohanus and Tom Abimelech, the only way forward was back. Those history dubbed as vanquished never gave in. London witnessed their experiments bear fruit. Across these pages unfolds one of history's darkest secrets. The past is not dead. It has a heartbeat.

This is what we call Phil's Nazi's and Net Curtains novel. It's such an incredible story, so well written, the characters are just like the people you know and love, drawn into an unspeakable past. We can't recommend this book highly enough. 

Like the majority of Phil's work available in paperback or as a kindle download.
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112 Pages

The collection of short stories, across a range of genre, tap into that curiosity we have about the people we see in the bus queue or the man who walks his dog in the park. What lies behind the public face? What do people go home to? The beauty of the stories is that they are so easy to fit around busy lives. A five minute read is enough to feed the imagination, to dwell on what happened next, or what came before. Yet, there is more... Moral dilemmas, suspense, murder, betrayal, science fiction, horror, fantasy and even one that touches on mindfulness... Grab that cuppa now and step into others’ worlds.
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Never give up on your dream.

It would have been the easiest thing in the world for Ben to have given up. He had lost his mother at birth and although his father loved him, he was distant. His grandmother was just mean and selfish. Too much of her and Ben might have given up, but that’s when Hope played her part. That's when Ben’s dream began. 

Without Hope, Ben might have given up on a quest he was created for. In the world that belongs to sleep, Ben meets his dream mother. She sees in him the ballet dancer, he could become. But when Ben achieves his dream in reality, the one person who has stood by him, helped him to master his gifts, disappears. Must success come at such a cost? But what if, dreams really could come true?

My Dream Mother is a delightful coming of age tale with a joyful and richly satisfying ending.
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LOVE: SHADOWS AND LIGHT: Collection of poems about relationships
43 pages

Poetry to please the senses. Filled with love and heartache, passion and humor. It is a book for lovers who have ever loved. It is for those of you who have known the pain of loss. It is for all who have or want to find a way to take back their life and live and love again. 

Emotions are laid bare within this anthology, from the early budding of young love, the potent and fiery passions of new encounters, the longing for lost loves and the promise of new beginnings.
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Thanks once more to Philip for participating - you might be amazed to know that not everyone we know can be bothered. We're pretty cool with that. The greatest pleasure always is sharing less well known talent with y'all.

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