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Devils Do Rock and Roots. Devils EP.

Devils Do

Rock and Roots. Devils EP.

by Lee Paul,
first published: March, 2018

approximate reading time: minutes

there's not another band rocking like the Devils do, in Bearwood or abouts right now

Rock and Roots EP
Big Chunk Records

The Devils Rock and Roots EP picks up where last years' Runk Pock LP left off. Melodic power punk, delivered with teeming with pop hooks. A Bearwood take on the classic Bay Area punk sound of the early 2000s. 

The four track EP opens with a completely re-recorded version of Rock and Roots which first appeared on their LP. It's altogether fatter, thicker, chunkier and better paced than the album version and makes for a fine lead off tune on the EP. The sound production on Woz's drumming and Adam's guitar and the vocals are all wildy enhanced with just a little re-imagining. Days after first hearing it, it is a total earworm and it took the relentless rehearsing of the trumpet parts of the 633 Squadron in my living room to get it out of my head. 

Also. Just loved the guitar harmonic detail moments before the end.

Rock and Roots is followed up with Ballzout which with its own throwaway momentum somehow reminded me of Ron & Nancy's Big Wheeels. The sound of a confident band doing whatever they want.

The EP is rounded out with rockin' pop harmony of Gone and Done It, and finishes up with a perfectly adept for its minutes, Misfits cover from Static Age, Hybrid Moments.

I don't think there's another band rocking like the Devils do, in Bearwood or abouts right now. It's a singularly epic and delicious chunk of entertainment.

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