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Bright Star Rising over the Dovecote

Andy Conway is launching Bright Star Rising, the latest episode in his hugely popular Touchstone series of Birmingham-set time travel novels with an event at Moseley Dovecote and... You're all invited

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by Lee Paul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: June, 2018
I thought it would be great to launch the book at one of the locations from the novel. It will be a really special night.
by Lee Paul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: June, 2018
I thought it would be great to launch the book at one of the locations from the novel. It will be a really special night.

In the publishing wars of the early 21st Century, outsideleft favorite, Andy Conway is a highly regarded digital frontiersman. He partnered with Dave Wake to create the indispensible Punk Publishing Users Guide to Kindle Publishing. He's a prolific novelist and screenwriter, Arjun & Alison, his first film, was screened at film festivals around the world, and UK cinemas in 2014. His second film, An American Exorcism, will be released in 2018.  His hugely popular Touchstone series of Birmingham-based time travel novels garnered a devoted following as they scaled Amazon's Kindle sales charts. Phew! Andy what do you do with your leisure minute?

And now... tra-la-la-la type drum roll, there is an invite only - but you can get one if you are fast on your keyboards... launch party for the newest addition to Andy's Touchstone series, Bright Star Rising. It's an mustn't miss event for fans of his books, fans of local antiquities (and follies) and fans of long summer evenings outdoors. It's a thing, the event, a happening at Moseley's Dovecote, Birmingham, which serendipitously is the scene of a great action finale from the Bright Star Rising. 

Andy says, "It's a lovely location and I thought it would be great to launch the book at one of the locations from the novel. It will be a really special night." And that's cool and that's not even his best idea ever.

Bright Star Rising book launch takes place on Wednesday July 25th, set your calendar though to 2018 and not 1887 from the book. Advance tickets must be acquired by contacting Andy through his website andyconway.net, here, and they are FREE. All of the details can be found in Andy's lovely short video - fans of his books might be interested to hear what he sounds like. I particularly loved the time travel  weather postcast. "It rained this morning." But there he is in bright sunshine. Karmic? 

Hmmm. Okay it's going to be way, way better than I've just made it sound I realise.

Bright Star Rising is set in 1887. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show comes to Birmingham, and with it, Katherine Bright Star Falling, the mysterious white woman who lived with the Lakota Native Americans for a decade. A woman with a lost past and dark magic.

Escaping the show, she makes her way across the city to the mysterious dovecote of her visions: the key to her lost identity and perhaps the gateway to her forgotten life. But the city’s lawless police force, a zealous Pinkerton agent, and Birmingham’s notorious cutthroat gang, the Peaky Blinders, will stop at nothing to claim the price on her head.

In a gripping climax, the Wild West spills onto the streets of Birmingham, with cowboys and Indians, police and thieves on the hunt. Can Katherine find her way home and recover her true identity? And if she does, can she face the evil truth of her past?

Weaving an alternate reality around Buffalo Bill’s historic trip to Britain, Bright Star Rising blends fact and fantasy in this latest thrilling instalment of the Touchstone time travel saga.

Read more www.andyconway.net

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