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Bargain Hunt: Pulp vs. Happy Mondays

BBC Music Day's Television Event of the Year

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by Ancient Champion, for outsideleft.com
originally published: September, 2018
So at least this week, for one day only, something unmissable... Bargain Hunt Musical Celebrity Special... Happy Mondays vs. Pulp

If you are marooned in the UK, the BBC Music Day is full of wonderful musical things to distract you momentarily from the feeling of your soul is being sucked down by terminal misery that is... Well you know. Daytime TV doesn't always do that. Great things, then on BBC Music Day. Check them out here. But for us, of course, it feels like this show might be solely for us, the BBC has conjured up the what promises to be the Television Event of the Year. And that's in a year of blisterbusting television events of the year too. We have already seen the typical bollocks world cups - with hindsight, critically acclaimed unwatchable dramas, annoying john lewis adverts, luke cage... Add your own tv item when we do our end of year poll. I doubt that will be difficult.

So at least this week, for one day only, something unmissable... Bargain Hunt Musical Celebrity Special... Happy Mondays vs. Pulp. From the picture above, the man from the Happy Mondays seems to have aged poorly, whereas Pulp's singer, Jarvis Cocker has kept himself together really, really well. I never cared for his band much, although I did hear that LP, Different Class a lot everywhere; the follow up, This is Hardcore, seemed so anticipated, so much so that no one seemed to care for it when it arrived, come to think of it, I liked that one more, because of that maybe. Because it doesn't do what you want. And then later, his solo record, the one with Leftovers on it, I enjoyed, but that was towards the end of my time of being able to listen to any rock music pretty much anymore without wanting to destroy this self. At first I thought that was just the music. Now, I am sure that I am not so sure.

From the picture above can someone explain why Jarvis doesn't get to wear the Bargain Hunt blue team T-Shirt? Just another reason to watch to find out I guess.

Essential Info
Bargain Hunt, Music Day Special, Happy Mondays vs Pulp, Madchester vs Sheffield. BBC One, Friday 25th September, 12.15pm.
If you are unfortunate to have a job, set your record and it'll be on the BBC iPlayer for a while too.

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