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I Hate Everything Man

Brand new gallery space opens with What Kind of Spirit is This?

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by Lee Paul, for outsideleft.com
"It is such an exciting space to work in, it's steeped in history but is also very personal, it's a really magic mix" - Sim Smith

What Kind of Spirit is This?
Sim Smith, 149 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0HB
Until June 1st, 2019

Sim-Smith is an exciting new gallery open now in Camberwell. Housed in a beautiful georgian townhouse with a walled garden, the gallery has evolved from being a meeting place for artists from the vibrant south london arts scene into an exhibition space with doors flung open to the public.

The inaugural exhibition, What Kind of Spirit Is This? casts a celebratory and inquisitive eye over painting today. Combining original work by nine artists concerned with employing paint to express their own peculiar narratives, this exhibition centers on the power of painting in the 21st century. What Kind of Spirit is curated by David Surman, and asks “Why paint? Who needs painting?” in a world that seems to have evolved so far beyond the medium in terms of artistic possibilities.

For us it’s a great chance to see the painting, I Hate Everything Man by Outsideleft favorite Kate Groobey ( - her dancing, video & mannequin show, Pure Pleasure, is currently being reprised in Venice too), alongside paintings and painted ceramics by Matija Bobicic, Tim Garwood, Aly Helyer, Doppel Kim, Sandra Lane, Jonathan McCree, Daisy Parris and Maia Regis.

sim-smith boy image

Future gallery shows will offer the possibility for artists to exhibit in London for the first time.

Sim Smith, says “It feels like a very natural progression to open the space as a gallery, because of the relationships that have developed within it but also as a further way to support the artists we work with. It is such an exciting space to work in, it’s steeped in history but is also very personal, it’s a really magic mix.”

Previously, the building had been occupied by a ceramicist couple a couple and a costume designer for the Royal Ballet.

sim smith house and gallery

What Kind of Spirit is This?
Sim Smith, 149 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0HB
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 2pm – 6pm
Until June 1st, 2019
OL vs Kate Groobey (2018)

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