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Museumgoer 4

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....playing around with a concertina in his kitchen as the dryer rumbled and the sad tone made him think of the Magdalene Laundries

Museumgoer 4

Musemgoer 4 cover artWell, I began by loving the band name, Museumgoer, it's a great one, and then heard the exceedingly great, Museumgoer 4. A collection of perfectly brief snatches of melody and understated sounds barely discordantly in accordance with their moment in time. It's so intimate, like a secret so personal it should be whispered not more than once, never repeated lest the consequences...

Hearing Museumgoer is like sitting on their musicians shoulder as they compose. All of that is there right next to you. Everything is exposed.

Museumgoer is longtime outsideleft contributor, Baton Rouge resident and Rakers bandleader, Alex V. Cook. The contrast between his southern garage punk Rakers and Museumgoer is pitched perfectly. Who could not enjoy the uncompromising indie sensibility of both.

If I said the instantaneous optimism I'd loved from Keyboard Money Mark's compositions, kind of oriented me towards the exceedingly subtle performances from Museumgoer. I think you'd know what I mean.

Museumgoer 4 starts with the lovely, lilting, Birdlike, a delicate instrumental brought to life by birds chirping by the studio window.

Alex says Fabricare at Dusk started with him playing around with a concertina in his kitchen as the dryer rumbled and the sad tone made him think of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland and the rundown laundromat near my studio.

Musemgoer 4 is just a perfectly gently blissful part of my life now.

Museumgoer 4 is available on Bandcamp now.

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Ancient Champion

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