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Beyond The OUTSIDELEFT Top 20 LPS of 2019

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by Jason Lewis, UK Music Editor for outsideleft.com
...it's been a year of splendid highs and some utterly devastating lows
by Jason Lewis, UK Music Editor for outsideleft.com
...it's been a year of splendid highs and some utterly devastating lows

christmas logoTomorrow, our review of 2019 begins.  Musically, it's been a year of splendid highs and some utterly devastating lows (the deaths of Scott Walker, Mark Hollis, David Berman and Kim Shattock). Throughout it all though, we somehow found beautiful and life affirming music to make such a toxic and dispiriting year bearable.

Over the next week we will unveil our list of our twenty favourite albums of 2019. Along the way we'll also reveal our favourite single, live act, video, re-release, the act that we're delighted to have discovered and the one person we've nominated as our Artist of the Year.

Before we run through the list, here are eleven albums from 30 - 21 that we felt were worthy of a mention:

30 - Psychodrama - Dave
29.  There Will Be No Intermission - Amanda Palmer
28.  Nothing Great About Britain - slowthai
27. Flamagra - Flying Lotus
26. Stubborn Heart - Ratso / Norman Fucking Rockwell - Lana Del Ray
25. To Believe - The Cinematic Orchestra
24. Stunning Luxury - Snapped Ankles
23. Ghosteen - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
22. Jaime - Brittany Howard
21. Athena - Sudan Archives

#16 Sudan Archives - She who wears those shoes while playing the fiddle holds the crown, Gloriously...

The Others

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Jason Lewis
UK Music Editor

Jason Lewis is a Birmingham based music, movie and arts obsessive. Jason's encyclopedic knowledge of 80s/90s Arts films is a debt to his embedded status in the Triangle Arts Centre trenches back then.

best LPs of 2019 Bill Callahan... best LPs of 2019
  1. Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest - Bill Callahan
  2. Return to Me - Lilac Time
  3. 2020 - Richard Dawson
  4. Chalk Hill Blue - Will Burns & Hannah Peel
  5. All Mirrors - Angel Olsen
Sno Aalegra... best LPs of 2019
  1. Shlagenheim - black midi
  2. The Imperial - The Delines
  3. Old New - Tomeka Reid Quartet
  4. Ugh, Those Feels Again - Snoh Aalegra
  5. 5 - Sault
Esther Rose... best LPs of 2019
  1. You Made it this Far - Esther Rose
  2. Hiding Places - billy woods + Kenny Segal
  3. I Found a Place - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  4. Thanks for the Dance - Leonard Cohen
  5. Walk Through Fire - Yola
David Benjamin Blower... best LPs of 2019
  1. We Really Did This and We Really Existed - David Benjamin Blower
  2. The Reeling - Brighde Chaimbeul
  3. Eton Alive - Sleaford Mods
  4. Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains
  5. Biiri - Nihiloxica

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