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Most Read... Outsideleft 2019 Our most widely read stories of 2019...

Most Read... Outsideleft 2019

Our most widely read stories of 2019...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2019

approximate reading time: minutes

Mark Hollis. He ended at number one.

In the end it was a relatively simple affair.  We kept on pushing out stories as fast as anyone could contribute them, our outsider slant on arts, music and culture, and you guys kept reading them in ever declining numbers. I never know what to make of decline. At what point does this end, maybe it should've ended an internet age ago, or maybe as an independent as culture comes our way, OUTSIDELEFT is only just beginning, 15 years after we began. 19 was a good year, here's why...

  1. Mark Hollis - A Life by Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis remembers the late and uncompromisingly great Mark Hollis
  2. From Haiti to your Heart by Guilaine Arts
    Raphael Sagage is a master of abstract realism
  3. A Painter's Life by Lee Paul
    Anthony Reynolds talks about five painters he likes
  4. Honest Abe by Ancient Champion
    Abe Partridge, Alabama's acclaimed songwriter and folk artist, paints the UK whatever colors he wants
  5. Malcolm X Over Bearwood & Elsewhere by LamontPaul
    Paul Magson's play, Marshall Street, recounts Malcolm X's visit to Smethwick...
  6. Something Left Behind by Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis meets Andrew Jezard, director of the critically acclaimed Wedding Present documentary
  7. The Most Interesting Job Interview Question I've Ever Been Asked by Alarcon
    Sometimes hiring managers surprise you, and put thought into the application process.
  8. Love and Death and Stephen Duffy by Jason Lewis
    'I Love My Friends' revisited.
  9. It's the way I tell 'em... by Lake
    Kirk Lake in the first of several planned Scott Walker tributes...
  10. Always Coming Back to You by Jason Lewis
    a tribute to Scott Walker.
  11. Le passé le présent et l'avenir by Christian Present
    Festival Des Abolitions de Sylvio Méranville á Paris jusqu'au 22 Juin
  12. Raft by Meave Haughey
    Meave Haughey says Anne Gill's Raft presents a paradox of escape and survival, isolation and loneliness
  13. Were You Ever Really Here? by Jeremy Gluck
    Jeremy Gluck tears a strip from Warhol and Metzger's marketing plans
  14. Blow My Horn! by Ancient Champion
    Bryan Corbett's blowing up the Windsor Theatre (Bar)
  15. Put Your Hands in This Soil by Ancient Champion
    David Benjamin Blower - Extinction: Acceptance and Commitment
  16. A Dream of Lilac Time by Jason Lewis
    Stephen Duffy discusses how The Lilac Time made their superb return.
  17. Kamasi - the new king of jazz by Samantha Charles
    Samantha Charles reviews Kamasai Washington's show in Birmingham in the UK
  18. Kate Groobey Gets Around by Ancient Champion
    Kate Groobey's Pure Pleasure show is in Venice
  19. Lorna Rose On The Buses by Ancient Champion
    Artist Lorna Rose captures the rhythm of the city with her acclaimed series of bus sketches
  20. Ex Forces.Breakfast by Duncan Jones
    Two new poems from Duncan Jones
  21. Alex V. Cook's Records of 2019 by Alex V. Cook
    I want to shout "Look at all the peaches! How do you celebrate!?" to the world. Well? How do you?
  22. Assholes of Ambition by Ancient Champion
    The Grrrrrr8 Kate Groobey takes over Milan
  23. Neva Neva Land by Meave Haughey
    Revisiting CD Rose's The Neva Star has Meave Haughey shedding tears over jaunty European scarves and cheeses
  24. On the Fiddle with Sudan Archives by Ancient Champion
    What if Sudan Archives went and made a record better than Sink?
  25. Anterior Material Superior
    Boetti v Gormley
    by Damon Hayhurst
    Arts correspondent Damon Hayhurst finds strong ideas, playfulness & experimentation on Cork Street
  26. Snoh Business by Lee Paul
    Ugh, Snow Allegrah's new record just feels right, right?
  27. Greta Alfaro's Fourteenth Station by LamontPaul
    Greta Alfaro's new show is opening in Valencia
  28. Toon Traveller in Buenos Aires by Toon Traveller
    First in a series of columns from our independent travel writer
  29. Andy Conway's Ghosts of Christmas Past by LamontPaul
    Andy Conway's new book, Ghosts of Christmas Past exorcises his editor....
  30. Toon Traveller: Ushuaia by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveller's down south and the boats have come in

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