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* Exquisite Minutes Museumgoer 11

* Exquisite Minutes

Museumgoer 11

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: January, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

Museumgoer ascends to the summit of the cut and paste keyboard kings


As you know we are wholly infatuated with the ever evolving sound of Baton Rouge's, Museumgoer. We've followed Museumgoer through ten excellent EPs of ambienxw, fun, darkness and light, and yet, it's possible Museumgoer 11 is the most exciting and accessible release so far. It's chock full of spare... Spare everything. Imagine Money Mark never opened a keyboard repair shop... There's not an overused note. There's gentle persuasion.Museumgoer 11
Cover: Light reflecting through the side door at work, 2019

11 opens with, This Is How We Stack Folding Chairs, oh the melody madness of the quirked up organ over hand drums... It's delightful. Before my pulse can settle, Eniac Rumpus Mode ushers in his Christmastime pedal steel acquisition, (Lord! Thank you Santa!) and what sounds like a Bentley Rhythm Ace, supercharged. It's over the top! It's restrained. It's emotional. It's influenced by gone unnoticed for decades parts of The The's Soul Mining percussion and it has to be heard.

The EP is rounded out with two equally understated tracks, In Heavy Syrup and the sombre Hangover in G. A mere 8 minutes and 28 seconds have elapsed, if you don't allow for pauses for thought, and in that time Museumgoer has insouciantly ascended to the summit of the cut and paste keyboard kings and is a fixture on all major lo-fi playlists by the end of the week.

Hear Museumgoer 11 now on Bandcamp

Essential Info
Listen now on Bandcamp
Museumgoer 11
released January 17, 2020
Alex V. Cook: drums, percussion, Hammond organ, accordion, acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, Wurlitzer electric piano, GarageBand instruments

Cover: Light reflecting through the side door at work, 2019

Founder & Publisher

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