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Kinks, Curls and Fades The Natural Hair Movement Shakes It Loose

Kinks, Curls and Fades

The Natural Hair Movement Shakes It Loose

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: February, 2020
The Natural Hair movement kicked off in earnest in late 2000s/early 2010s

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Screening:  Kinks, Curls and Fades
The Pioneers, Present & Future Of The British Natural Haircare Movement

Black Ballad Magazine Presents a discussion & celebration for the yesterday, today & tomorrow of natural hair in Britain

Kinks, Curls and Fades poster artLook, everyone has their hair story, when I had hair I loved it so, Aquanetted it, Abused it. And was paid back...

One of our favorite artists, the writer and film maker, Jendella Benson, grew up hating her hair, she says. Her new documentary, Kinks, Curls and Fades, is released soon and shines a light on the Natural Hair movement. "When I was in primary school," Jendella says, "I begged my mom to douse my hair in chemicals in order to straighten the tight kinks into something that I thought was more acceptable. This was the default position of many young black girls and women when it came to our hair for a long time." Kinks, Curls and Fades will be screened in London as part of the Black Ballad Hair event on Thursday 13th.

Jendella says the last decade has seen a lot of things change. "The Natural Hair movement kicked off in earnest in late 2000s/early 2010s. It was a movement that encouraged us to embrace our natural textures and taught us – many of us learning for the very first time – how to properly take care of our hair."

Jendella says Kinks, Curls and Fades documents these changing attitudes towards hair by interviewing a selection of women who were pioneers in the movement, are contemporary game changers and also at the front of what could be said to be the next wave. "It’s a development that should be documented, and this short series is just a small contribution to that history. But the series isn’t simply a rose-tinted celebration of a movement that has changed mainstream culture as well as our private communities; it poses the question as to are we as far along as we should be in terms of self-acceptance and appreciation. There are no easy answers, but without a doubt the progress that has been made is undeniable!"

Kinks, Curls and Fades features contributions from some of the women considered by Black Ballad magazine to be the pioneers, present & future of the Natural Hair space in Britain - ranging from YouTuber and entrepreneur Laila Jean Washington from Fusion of Cultures, Care For Your Hair founder Pelumi Rae and Crystal Afro, to teenage hair gurus AfroCat365 and KhiasKurls.

The panel discussion on the night will be chaired by Black Ballad founder Tobi Oredein with speakers: award winning empowerment influencer and author Jay from Curlture, artist and creator of Bald Black Girls Ruth Sutoyé and co-founding director of Afrocenchix Rachael Corson.

Kinks, Curls and Fades will be screened when Black Ballad Magazine Presents a discussion & celebration for the yesterday, today & tomorrow of natural hair in Britain. More info at Eventbrite

Essential Info
Kinks Curls and Fades + a panel discussion
The Africa Centre, Arch 29, Old Union Yard,
Union Street, London SE1 0LR
Thursday 13th February
6.30pm - 9.30pm
Tickets/info on Eventbrite

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