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Walking Distance Sabine Lettmann takes fashion on a different route

Walking Distance

Sabine Lettmann takes fashion on a different route

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: February, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

We probably all do not realize enough how many garments we already own and how many items we tend to buy even though we might not actually need them...

Opening this weekend at Centrala in Digbeth is Walking Distance - Fashion on a Different Route put together by Sabine Lettmann as part of her ongoing otherways[project]. Sabine is an award winning ecologically literate fashion designer, here exhibiting a unisex conceptual collection that has been developed utilizing the tenets of circular design. Its mission is not to support, but to cross the lines of conventional proceedings through creating a prototype concept with the potential to inspire on multidimensional levels.

Sabine wonders whether we give enough thought to the clothes we own, "We probably all do not realize enough how many garments we already own and how many items we tend to buy even though we might not actually need them." The 20 pieces comprising her unisex collection is made to rent only and invites consumers to become part of the design process through shared use. Damage to the garments are mended visibly and transform the pieces into art over time, all the while celebrating the beauty of uniqueness. "At the same time," Sabine says, this empowers to engage with what we already have and encourages to care and repair."

Walking Distance... also features contributions of fellow artists and designers including some of our favorites in the city. Noted for her incredible ceramic patchwork designs, Zoë Hillyard working Emma Bowen, brings some unique pieces that just days ago were still underground...!  Zoe says, "Back in November, Emma took on the challenge of creating a ceramic vessel that I could use to rework offcuts from Sabine's otherways[project], based on circular design thinking. Wildclay processing and bonfire firing meant we capitalised on the remnants and energy of allotment life. Eventually the ceramicpatchwork piece under construction will return to the allotment to decompose, but for now it is part of Walking Distance - Fashion On a Different Route."

emma bowen makes a fireemma and zoe build a fire underground

Also featured are Joseph Turvey, Narasiah K., Pitchuka Varun, Aldo Heubel, Jonathan Lettmann and Asia Werbel. This exhibition brings together a collaborative portrait of sustainable fashion by jointly walking other ways.

Walking Distance - Fashion on a Different Route
Feb 5th through Feb 15th
Centrala Cafe & Gallery

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