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Devils... Yep, still have plenty of the best tunes... Devils live at Centrala

Devils... Yep, still have plenty of the best tunes...

Devils live at Centrala

by Lee Paul,
first published: February, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

Maybe some Husker Du and Old SST stuff too. That's Americana now...


There's an insouciance to the Devils that marks their live shows and makes them such a joy to see and hear. The power and alacrity of their performance, the speed of the interplay between the musicians is like watching Phillipe Petit walk between the Twin Trade Towers, the risk is enormous, it's palpable, yet is seems like, totally, they've got it. A trio, playing with this energy, intensity and speed is like that Gerry Anderson thing, anything could happen in the next half hour...

There were moments during the Devils show that reminded me of a hardcore set delivered by the Beastie Boys at Pomona's Glass House, oh a great number of years ago when they subbed in at the last minute for Rocket From The Crypt (John Reis, ROTC singer, DNP, coaches decision, back spasms) the sound is sonic, distorted and crisp... And clear... And amazing. 

They lean on California's punk heritage throughout their set of melodic power punk tunes. They are great song writers for sure. They don't rock like Social D, or have the reggae inflections of Rancid, but there's plenty of Fat Wreck type sounds going on and I just don't think I am hearing that often enough. Maybe some Husker Du and Old SST stuff too. That's Americana now. I could easily hear their anthemic ina nice way, single, Rock and Roots blasting out from the stage of the SoCal's Hootenanny Fest. It's pretty uplifting stuff. Of course, the rascally charisma of lead singer and guitarist Adam Veever doesn't do them any harm, and in Sam and Woz they have one of the most exceptional rock rhythm sections you'll see any night of the week.

Look out for them a little harder next time Birmingham people, because this night at the Centrala had too many of the hallmarks of a secret gig where everyone, everyone else forgot to share the secret.

Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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