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Confinement 2.0

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"Confinement 2.0" allows african artists to take a stand on the crisis we are going through at the moment.

Confinement 2.0
April 10th - June 10th, 2020

As the number of people on lockdown across to globe climbs. Artists, like the rest of us, are faced with the blunt existential question. What do I do to survive? Everyone thinks they have the right answer... 

"Jeunes Artistes d'Avenir" is an organisation promoting African Art around the world. Today, in this time of crisis, they decided to bring the art to your doors through an online exhibition named "Confinement 2.0"

"Confinement 2.0" allows african artists to take a stand on the crisis we are going through at the moment.

"Jeunes Artistes d'Avenir" invited the painter and outsideleft left arts writer, Guilaine Arts, to contribute her work to the project. Guilaine says "there are so many great artists involved, it's a privilege to be part of this. The exhibition is a chance to give to the artists the support and the recognition that they deserve."

The event continues until June 20th.
Included artists
GUILAINE ART, painter, Guadeloupe
ISAAC YOKOMO, painter artist, DRC
STEVE MUKONGO, painter artist, DRC
ROMUALD MIAN, painter, Ivory Coast
HANS TSHIANY, painter artist, DRC
LEKING, slameur, Ivory Coast
Blessed KAPESA, painter artist, DRC

Confinement 2.0

Essential Information
Main image: Daniel Ngassu

Website: www.jeunesartistesdavenir.fr
facebook: https://www.instagram.com/jeunesartistesdavenir/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeunesartistesdavenir/

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