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Dare to Lay Back

Tasha's There's Still The Moon is the last record you'll ever need to hear

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by Ancient Champion, for outsideleft.com
A gentle giantess for sure

There's Still The Moon
Father/Daughter Records

So... What happens when you hear a record, when you hear a song, so beautiful, you find yourself so awash in a supremely gentle awe, sweeping insidiously through your whole self that the moment just feels like you've heard the last song you'll ever need to hear? Tasha's There's Still The Moon, might just be that record.

Sometimes the playing is so slight, so minimal, if it was any less show Tasha would box up her guitar and ship it back to sender. She kind of reminds me of Damien RIce & Lisa Hannigan's early brushes with honesty and superunderstatement alongside.

Of course, Tasha has form for this sort of thing, hear 2018s, life-affirming, infectious when infectiousness was still mostly good, single, Kind of Love, from her debut LP Alone at Last. OMG! What is the word for falling into someone else's sigh? The LP heralded Tasha's radical political act of being exquisitely gentle with yourself. It's a powerful message.

Tasha is the greatest at this, a ferociously gentle giantess for sure.   

Here's splendid recently recorded version of that song. I mean, this video begins there with Kind of Love, but wind it back and hear the entire performance. It's its own reward, like the moon itself.

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