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A New Chamber Of The Heart

Museumgoer 14 is here and gone in six great unmissable minutes or so...

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by Ancient Champion, for outsideleft.com
Walter then turned to Peter and Olivia and said, "We must wait for the shadow to return to the cosmonaut."
by Ancient Champion, for outsideleft.com
Walter then turned to Peter and Olivia and said, "We must wait for the shadow to return to the cosmonaut."

Museumgoer 14

Museumgoer 14 is the excellent new four tune release from Baton Rouge's Museumgoer. Still our favorite band name. I'll have to check of course with DJ Fuzzyfelt, whether this new EP is a wholly qualified piece of hypnomonotony, seems like it could be should be construed as such. Fuzzyfelt will know.

Anyway, Museumgoer has the whole story of Museumgoer 14 and tells it way better than we would, so here you go.

"Museumgoer 14 was shaped by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic in the following ways:
1. I upped my home studio setup with my stimulus check.
2. I started producing music for my band The Rakers as well as for other people and that gave me a new way to think of songwriting.
3. I had lots of time on my hands..."

"For Dalton" is for friend and outlaw country musician Dalton Wayne who suggested I run the accordion through a Leslie and who loves Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois' APOLLO as much as I do.

"Museumgoer Street Fight Anthem" is for everyone protesting police brutality and the disenfranchisement of African Americans.

I was binge watching the J.J. Abrams series FRINGE (totally holds up) while working out this guitar melody and when I got it, I asked aloud to no one, "What do I call it?" Walter then turned to Peter and Olivia and said, "We must wait for the shadow to return to the cosmonaut."

"That's Just My Heart" came from finding an antique pump organ at Joseph's Storehouse, an excellent thrift store in Baton Rouge, LA. Sure, I wanted to to bring it home with me but instead opted to record a part on my phone then and there, reminding me of how I made Museumgoer music previous to this release. In a way, with this piece, I am moving to a new chamber of my heart.

Museumgoer 14

Museumgoer is Alex V. Cook on electric bass, accordion, organ, electric guitar, drums, theremin
Musemgoer 14 is available at Bandcamp
Cover photo: Oilfield detritus at the "end of the world" in Venice, LA

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