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It's Cassis B Staudt Week in Outsideleft This Week belongs to our favorite film music composer Cassis B Staudt

It's Cassis B Staudt Week in Outsideleft

This Week belongs to our favorite film music composer Cassis B Staudt

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: August, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

Cassis B Staudt Week is this Week, All Week!

Cassis Banner

Hey! It's Cassis B. Staudt Week in outsideleft and we are all so thrilled. Look, I know that you'll know this already, but I am in reiteration mode here for google's and others' spiders sakes and I know I don't need to tell you that Cassis B Staudt is the incredible film and other music composer, Juilliard native, Berlin dwelling, Swans musical associate, Palme d'Or winning, Tom Waits and Iggy Pop wrangling for Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes, Herbie Flowers musical compatriot, Outsideleft playlist curating, jogging in her free time while taking photos of window reflections, and way more besides Cassis B Staudt. Some of which, but not all, after all, every intriguing person keeps their secrets, we will discover together, this week in Outsideleft.

We love her work with the Swans and her solo band material. We love Cassis' website. And we were really blown away by how lovely and incredible the playlist she curated was during our 100 playlists to help our readers through the lockdown. It inspired us to revisit our sometimes tired sometimes jaded palettes and start all over again. It was so idiosyncratic and refreshing, we've embedded it here although I am sure you didn't miss it the first time. The power of gathering songs in difficult times. Amazing.

Cassis art by Jason

Tomorrow, it'll get underway with when Cassis talks about some of the amazing women she's worked with in the music and film industry. And our lovely conversations will while away the week throughout the week.

Join us then.

Essential Info
Cassis B Staudt photo ©Sandra Buschow, website at
Cassis' playlist graphic by Jason Lewis

Visit Cassis B Staudt's (great) Website
Stream Cassis on Soundcloud

Cassis B Staudt Week in Outsideleft
1. Introduction (this)
2. New York & The Women
3. Girl On Film
4. Bad Habits and More...
5. No!No!No!No!No! Cassis B Staudt's Teethgraters

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