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Sad Man, Lost Wave Music and Matt Philip Hale at the Sunday XPress

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by Ancient Champion, for outsideleft.com
Lost Wave Music - vigorous Krautrocking grooves, from Stourbridge

Sunday Xpress
featuring SAD MAN, Lost Wave Music & Matt Philip Hale
Sunday, September 4th from 5-10pm
Outdoors at Centrala

Birmingham UK's late Sunday afternoon live music institution, the Sunday Xpress, returns on Sunday September 4th. Long renowned for their carefully chosen, brilliant, eclectic and challenging (well to my old ears at least) artists, the return of the Sunday Xpress at Centrala will be a somewhat cautiously staged all ticket affair. It's important to add that the tickets at £3.00, are actually cheaper than the paper they are printed on.

The event will be held outdoors in the yard adjacent to Centrala. The capacity will be limited to 40 due to ongoing social distancing measures. Centrala and the Xpress need to ensure that they have details of attendees at the show, which will subsequently be destroyed. This is not the Gustav Metzger art piece it sounds like. Just business in the new normal.

What to expect?
Headlining the show will be SAD MAN. Electronics, jazz and 'wonky bangers' SAD MAN debuted at the Xpress as part of our Birmingham Weekender event last year, and will be playing from his 2020 release 'Daddy Biscuits.' "These are pieces that jerk around like they’re being attacked with an electronic music cattle prod, all quirky beats, skewed melodies and sounds that feel like they’re splintering and fragmenting inside your ear canal." - Mat Smith, Further Blog.

Lost Wave Music from Stourbridge offer vigorous Krautrocking grooves, stunning lyrics and perfect songs.

Matt Philip Hale recently took 20 plus new songs out on the road across Birmingham and the Black Country, filmed the results as the 'Thematic Roundabout' project will be on stage around 7.00 featuring new songs and special guests.

It's the Sunday Xpress, you never know what else what might happen but it's sure to be entertaining.

Advanced tickets are available from Eventbrite for £3.00 including the booking fee. Great deal!

Essential Info
Sunday Xpress
Sunday, September 4th from 5-10pm
Outdoors at Centrala

Sunday Xpress on Facebook
Eventrbite for Tickets

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