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Open Door Policy The Hold Steady have gotten a new album ready

Open Door Policy

The Hold Steady have gotten a new album ready

by Hamilton High,
first published: December, 2020

approximate reading time: minutes

The Hold Steady have got the brass...

Open Door Policy cover art

When it's released in February, Open Door Policy will be The Hold Steady's eighth album and oh boy have they had some great ones and incredible moments along the way. Who could forget on Boys and Girls in America - a rare LP where everyone seemed to end up in hospital, or would've done if they'd known what was good for them. Or the asonishingly epic Stay Positive, so gorgeously relentless from start to finish... Oh wow!

Open Door Policy is the first release on their own Positive Jams label, the first single from the record is "Family Farm", and while it doesn't have a video just yet, it's already streaming on the streamers and you can hear it right here.

As you can hear, The Hold Steady have gotten the brass going on this record and it's a great thing, redolent of the Saints in their pomp...

Craig Finn says: “This album was written and almost entirely recorded before the pandemic started, but the songs and stories explore power, wealth, mental health, technology, capitalism, consumerism, and survival – issues which have compounded in 2020.”

The Hold Steady

Visit the Hold Steady online here

Hamilton High

Hamilton High was born on Doheny Ave in the gutter, is a poet, writer and observer of popular culture. Likes fashion and cares less for style. He's on the move, he's an alter ego and we hardly ever hear from him.
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