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Celebrating Sanctuary with Amadou Diagne Celebrated Senegalese multi-instrumentalist percussionist, Amadou Diagne is not to be missed

Celebrating Sanctuary with Amadou Diagne

Celebrated Senegalese multi-instrumentalist percussionist, Amadou Diagne is not to be missed

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: April, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

"Honey-smoked vocals, Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance." -- Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine

CSB Bitesize Streaming Spring Series
With Amadou Diagne
Saturday April 17th 7pm

Amadou DiagneCelebrating Sanctuary Birmingham delivers another super prime time streaming session this weekend, featuring the critically acclaimed, world renowned Senegalese percussionist, Amadou Diagne. Previous featured artists in the series have included Milicent Chapanda and Elias Kacomanolis and more... 

Amadou Diagne is descended from a Griot line of percussionists and singers in Dakar.  He has previously been a member of l’Orchestre National du Senegal and has performed alongside some West Africa’s top stars.

Since arriving in the UK, Amadou has become an in demand singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, drawing on the traditional music and rhythms of his West African heritage. 

Amadou writes and performs in Wolof, French and English. He has developed an intricate and unique guitar style, informed by his work as a percussionist. His performances incorporate improvisation and experimentation as his instruments and melodies dance around the polyrhythmical base. It is a feast for the ears.

Amadou has appeared in countless festivals on tv and radio worldwide. His records have reached the top 20 of the European World Music charts. And he has a slew of positive reviews from publications like Folk Roots. 

“Honey-smoked vocals …Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance.” Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine

Everything you need to see this amazing Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham performance, here on Facebook

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