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The Abolitions Festival The 9th Abolitions Festival in Paris and Brittany from May 6th - May 29th

The Abolitions Festival

The 9th Abolitions Festival in Paris and Brittany from May 6th - May 29th

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: May, 2021

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The 9th Abolitions Festival combines visual art, photography, poetry, performing arts, music, film, dance and conferences

From the 6th to the 29th May 2021
@ 100 ecs, 100 rue de Charenton,
75012 Paris

"The Abolitions Festival" was launched in 2004 in France by Sylvio Meranville, the founder and director of the art organisation Four A-rts, with the aim to commemorate the abolition of slavery and also to be a cultural exchange platform combining Art, politics and philosophy. From 2006 the project became a biennale, taking place in Paris and now also presented in Brittany – Northern France – since 2015. The objectives of the event are to inform and sensitise the public about slavery and its impact on our contemporary world, and more over to provide the artists, from any background and any discipline, with a platform of expression on the subject matter. The project is supported in part by sponsors and partners. Since the past six years Four A-rts has teamed up with 100ecs, a place known for producing and broadcasting cultural events. This organisation combines artistic creation, economics and reflection on society and its evolution.

Abolitions Festival

Four A-rts, located in central Paris, is an association for artists. Its aim is to promote and help artists by organising cultural and artistic projects, by supporting the artists in all their development processes (promotion, production, performance, communication, etc…), by defending the moral, intellectual and  financial interests of its members and finally by contributing to the development and influence of all, through cultural exchange.

Abolitions 3

Alongside the French artists, for the first time this year, supported by Guilaine Arts who is Four A-rts International représentative, the event will open its doors to some renowned international artists such as Zita Holbourne from the UK, an award winning visual artist, designer, art curator, author, poet and writer who has exhibited art at diverse venues from the Tate to Congress House. Zita is also part of the UNESCO Coalition for the General History of Africa. Participating in this event there will also be the acclaimed poet/writer Janice Whyne from the UK, Rhoda Fisher visual artist from Qatar, Sabree Gullah painter from the United States, and many more. The aim is to bring together artists from different backgrounds and approaches in order to inform and also to create some substantial debates and reflections on the subject matter.

This 9th edition of the Abolitions Festival will be a combination of visual art, photography, poetry, performing arts, music, film, dance and conferences.

For this year event Four A-rts has partnered with the 100ecs, Leroy Merlin, Guilaine Arts, Cinevif, Galerie UMCEBO,NEGPOS, Théâtre La Traversière, Faisceau Convergent and Groupement Culturel d’employeur.

Further information will be found in the link below by visiting the Guilaine Arts website, and clicking on the PDF icon.

Founder & Publisher

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