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Poppy - Flux Us Poppy's LP Flux rocks in a way a robot never could. Yet.

Poppy - Flux Us

Poppy's LP Flux rocks in a way a robot never could. Yet.

by Erin,
first published: September, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

''Flux' is an album that never stays still or gets trenched in one genre ...'

Artist: Poppy
Title: Flux
Label: Sumerian Records

So this is Poppy now?

Despite this being the direction that she's been going in for a while now,  it's still weird to think of the person who convinced the Internet she was a robot as she satirised Internet culture (genuinely - look up her old videos ), has transformed into an artist that deliver a rock album as strong as 'Flux'.

But even from her early days, it's been clear that music is where Poppy's true passions lie and, after she stopped making videos, the music kept coming and now she is working her way through the rock scene quite aptly on 'Flux'.

The album shows her seamlessly weaving through different styles. The title track has her effortless move from whispering to singing to screaming whilst developing the soundscape that the album will inhabit.

The album is also distinctly inspired by the 90s (take 'So Mean' as an example), whilst 'Hysteria' and 'Her' are built around warping guitars that slowly draw you in. 'Flux' is an album that never stays still or gets trenched in one genre but effortlessly evolves as Poppy draws inspiration from Hole, Garbage , L7, and Sonic Youth.

Whilst not as 'out there' as some of her previous albums, On 'Flux', Poppy has retained the electropop and metal and used it to solidify her place in popular music.


Erin has a wide and diverse interest in music which she maintains is unsullied by the mostly impenetrable musical nonsense her father foists upon her.

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