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2pm Outsideleft's Big National Poetry Day: Rebecca Stanhope Rebecca Stanhope's poem is Take Your Hands Off Me

2pm Outsideleft's Big National Poetry Day: Rebecca Stanhope

Rebecca Stanhope's poem is Take Your Hands Off Me

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: October, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

Rebecca Stanhope - Take Your Hands Off Me


I asked you to shatter me.
Yes. I did.
Gazing into the mirror
greeted by a stranger
cracked in two
and you, towering over me
Hand on neck,
Hand on waist,
Hand on...

I    believe You                or               do I           need help 
   don’t              disappoint me             I will           scare       You? 

       try        it                a              say no             k          please       

       first,            before You                  let me      go           hold             me 

     green          s          yellow      t            green          o            yellow        p 

 shatter me              shatter me                               shatter me 

But your dates were all wrong,
I broke; you forgot,
to pick up the pieces
I ate too much hate
choked back too many urges
let it all churn for far too long that it
beneath the skin of my neck.

I let you in
to the darkness of me
Trusted you.

It’s you I face in the mirror
whose cracked me in two
leaving me a stranger
to myself.


by Rebecca Stanhope


Something you should know:
Rebecca Stanhope is a writer with a passion for poetry, music and theatre. “I love to write poetry that comes from the heart and is often brutally honest.”


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