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3pm Outsideleft's Big National Poetry Day: Michael Pederson Michael Pederson - Here in a Glasgow tenement - not asleep, not awake either -

3pm Outsideleft's Big National Poetry Day: Michael Pederson

Michael Pederson - Here in a Glasgow tenement - not asleep, not awake either -

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: October, 2021

approximate reading time: minutes

Michael Pederson - Here in a Glasgow tenement - not asleep, not awake either -

Here in a Glasgow tenement—not asleep, not awake either—

      sheet creases tattoo aphorisms on my sweet birthday suit

      snowfall on the rooftop this tenement doesn’t have—a crown coeval with the floor of a neighbour who hasn’t danced in days

      a black beetle with butterscotch eyes assert its dominance over the weakling woodlouse 

      the silvering screech of my eyebrow hair rake over umpteen deserted follicles—a.k.a. graves 

      someone asks are you busy? when I’m very busy, and me intending to answer: busy as migrating geese; as trap dodging bears; as desperate bellies, but instead muttering a bit busy but not too busy

      my spirit animal settle on a bullfrog: an invader species known to barely slumber—unwittingly violent, green upper lipped

      the shriek of scalpel as my enemy cuts, rubbery, the guts from my bullfrog; not to eat, simply to chew and spit back out

      the sun flare, knowing if it wasn’t already on fire we’d burn it

      a threshold gatekeeper—warden of the unkempt feelings between dreams & dying—clock-off with a raspy laugh

      your voice remind me not to worry because we can nap—napping helped make us, is best done nudey, my hot balls against your back

      my spangled heart: thistle, warble, then mend with the memory, like weary knees pressed into familiar dirt, below an altar, or a tree


by Michael Pederson


Something you should know:
Michael Pederson is a prize-winning Scottish poet, writer, & animateur. He has published two highly acclaimed collections of poetry (Polygon Books) with a prose debut, Boy Friends, forthcoming with Faber. Pedersen was awarded the John Mather Trust Rising Star of Literature 2014, and a 2015 Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship. He’s had work anthologised by the likes of Pan MacMillan and Canongate Books, and was a finalist for the 2018 ‘Writer of the Year’ at The Scottish Culture Awards. Pedersen’s most recent collection Oyster, now in its sixth printing, was illustrated by and performed as a live show with the late Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit. "Michael’s poems are so physical you can almost touch the images in them. Fabulously sensual and alive. I adore poetry like this". - Stephen Fry - More about Michael, here


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