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The Trembling of 'Limbs'  Keeley Forsyth's sublime second album

The Trembling of 'Limbs'

Keeley Forsyth's sublime second album

by Jay Lewis, Reviews Editor
first published: March, 2022

approximate reading time: minutes

Sonically bolder...sparse and foreboding.

Keeley Forsyth
The Leaf Label

The Moseley Folk and Arts Festival in early September always feels like the last great and glorious summer weekend of the year. But I'm fairly sure that, just after lunchtime on Saturday last year, the sun hid behind clouds and there was a definite chill in the air. That's how it felt during Keeley Forsyth's mesmerizing show. A singer who, as well as a haunting vibrato voice, expressed her turmoil in such a physical way. All those years of acting seem to have informed this magnificent performance. Beautiful and utterly unforgettable.

keeleyHer second album, which is only slightly longer than her extremely short debut, is a sonically bolder album. Musical collaborator Ross Downes has helped refine the electronic and experimental elements, Matthew Bourne adds the cinematic orchestration and Colin Stetson brings sensual saxophone (especially on the breathtaking 'Blindfolded').

Some of the songs (most noticeably on 'Wash' and the title track),  have elements that feel akin to 'Blemish' era David Sylvian or late-period Scott Walker. Often the arrangements, including the spectacular single 'Bring Me Water', are sparse and foreboding - a lonely soundtrack for an even lonelier voice.  

'Limbs' is an album of quiet, weathered brilliance.

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Jay Lewis
Reviews Editor

Jay Lewis is a Birmingham based poet. He's also a music, movie and arts obsessive. Jay's encyclopedic knowledge of 80s/90s Arts films is a debt to his embedded status in the Triangle Arts Centre trenches back then.

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