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22-And-A-Half The most widely read stories so far at the midpoint of 2022


The most widely read stories so far at the midpoint of 2022

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: July, 2022

approximate reading time: minutes

Tim London's interview with Manchester based photographer, Richard Davis, tops the lot. So far...

2022 is one of the most exciting ever at Outsideleft. We've seen so much great content; we've featured amazing new contributors and some of the greats have been back too. So, a snapshot at the end of June of the biggest, most widely read stories of 2022. So far.

  1. I Photographed All Of Steve Coogan's Early Characters In My Hulme Flat
    Madchester scene photographer Richard Davis discusses his vital documentation of the Manchester scene with Tim London by Tim London
  2. America Never Deserved Bowie
    Spencer Kansa says the American media didn't dare get David by Spencer Kansa
  3. Re: Wire
    This is what Wire's Not About To Die really sounds like by Alarcon
  4. Toon Traveler: One Man's Dream in Tangerine
    Toon Traveler takes a three mile Metro ride to see Tangerine Dream. It Ain't That Easy by Toon Traveller
  5. The Yellow Wallpaper - Film Review
    The latest version of the classic feminist gothic horror story hits the screens by Lake
  6. John McGeoch: Quintessential Guitar Man
    McGeoch's biography, The Light Pours Out Of Me, by Rory Sullivan Burke is out in April by Tim London
  7. The World We Knew - Film Review
    Sheridan Coyle on the stylish low budget gangsters versus ghosts spookfest. by Sheridan Coyle
  8. David Bowie Turns 75, Releases a New Album, Continues To Pivot and Live Forever
    Alarcon in his birthday suit... Remembering a lost master by Alarcon
  9. Momus : Smudger
    John Robinson listens to Smudger the new LP from Momus by John Robinson
  10. Hope and Glory After All
    Hailed as an exciting new voice in British fiction, Jendella Benson arrives with her debut novel, Hope and Glory by Ancient Champion
  11. Momus - A Complete History
    John Robinson's journey through the work of Momus starts here... by Jay Lewis
  12. Our Subversive Voice: The History and Politics of the English Protest Song
    An Interview with Oskar Cox Jensen, an investigator of the use of song to register protest through the ages by Tim London
  13. Ceremony: Pop Comes to Campus 1965-1995
    Ancient Champion sees the University of Birmingham's live music history make an exhibition of itself. by Ancient Champion
  14. I Was Buffalo Bill
    Jeremy Gluck on Nikki Sudden, Rowland S Howard, Epic Soundtracks and becoming Buffalo Bill by Jeremy Gluck
  15. Dust and Wisps
    Drawing and Painting at Cornelius Projects by LamontPaul
  16. Bruce Claypool
    The abstract art and iconic design of Bruce Claypool by Ancient Champion
  17. Mark Stewart. VS
    Tim London listens to a new LP of collabs from Pop Group legend, Mark Stewart by Tim London
  18. Kind Of Punk, Part 2: Buzzcocks
    Kind Of Punk - the recollections of a 'nice girl' in a small town by Pam
  19. Marion Raw
    A Star Is Born by Ancient Champion
  20. Real Teen Shimmer...
    John Robinson hears the new Amoeba Teen LP and what he hears is good by John Robinson
  21. Forty Years On: The Fall's 'Hex Enduction Hour'
    The first of Jay Lewis' deep dives in his favourite albums of 1982, start with an album that's 40 years old this week... by Jay Lewis
  22. Pamina Stewart Found Art
    Often for Birmingham based artist Pamina Stewart the work begins with something thrown away by Ancient Champion

Essential Info
Main image by Richard Davies taken from his book The Madchester Years 1989–91 available from Café Royal Books (£6.50) here
Richard Davis on Facebook here
The Outsideleft review of The Madchester Years, here

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