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The Twelve Days of Tav-Mas! - Tav Falco - Day Two Tav Falco delivers us a bumper bunch of five to see us through the twelve days of Christmas... We continue with day two

The Twelve Days of Tav-Mas! - Tav Falco - Day Two

Tav Falco delivers us a bumper bunch of five to see us through the twelve days of Christmas... We continue with day two

by OL House Writer,
first published: December, 2022

approximate reading time: minutes

Seems my whole life I've been searching for the Sanctuary Of Truth and did not know it

The inimitable Tav Falco has lead the unapproachable Panther Burns since the 1970s. The ditch-diggers of American music, idiosyncratic and effervescent, purveyors of arcane wisdom. Panther Burns have howled their way from Memphis out around the globe through those six decades bewitching, beguiling and sometimes bemusing fans of the blues, old soul and good old rock’n’roll. We’ve checked in with Tav often along the way. We even had a previous Christmas sojourn back in 2016. So of course we were going to ask Tav to join in with our December wide “Bunch of Five” project. Mr Falco went above and beyond and provided us with a mighty missive detailing his recent move out East and laying out his five great things… We've split it into 12 parts and we're sharing it one day at a time to see everybody through into the New Year. It's the twelve days of Tav-mas! This is part two… If you’re just joining us you can go right back to the start here ⇒

The Twelve Days of Tav-Mas! - Tav Falco - Day Two
However, it was not until I was invited by another friend – a photographer and founder of the Antenna Club in Memphis – to visit him and his Laotian model friend south of Bangkok on Wongamat Beach, that my life changed. I became enthralled with this old Thai seaside resort, which is still a haven for village fishermen. Without hesitation, I decided to hang my hat here. Now I can often be seen diving into warm and tranquil gulf waters for a sun-drenched swim or seen cavorting over the coastal lanes on my motorbike.Wongamat Wongamat (a Thai term referring to a valet of royal persons) Beach 2021

Wongamat Beach 2022

Another attraction in coming to the Royal Kingdom was the affection of a jeune fille with whom I’d been corresponding. She’d sent a portrait of herself in a wedding gown of white. Alas we did not marry, yet she still messages every day.

Within walking distance of my abode is located the Sanctuary Of Truth. It is a temple constructed entirely of carved wood dedicated to Buddhist legends and eastern deities. Many new carvings are underway created by a squadron of craftsmen who work seated on the ground and barefooted so they can use their feet as a 2nd pair of hands. There is also a Russian guide speaking perfectly articulate English who informs of myriad philosophical, mystical, and numinous facets of the Sanctuary. Seems my whole life I’ve been searching for the Sanctuary Of Truth and did not know it.
Sanctuary Of Truth 2021

WongamatSanctuary Of Truth 2021

Essential Tav Falco's 12 Days of Christmas Info
When Tav Falco, a long time friend of Outsideleft, sent over his Bunch of Fives, it was a bumper collection, requiring an alternative plan and that is Tav Falco's 12 Days of Christmas. Of the many great, great Christmas things Tav has shared with us over the years, this is the most ambitious and the greatest yet.



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