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Bowie Tops the Big Ones The 102 most widely read stories published by OUTSIDELEFT in 2022

Bowie Tops the Big Ones

The 102 most widely read stories published by OUTSIDELEFT in 2022

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: January, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Wow! Wow! Wow! 102 of our biggest stories in art, music, film and culture in 2022

I think this might have been OUTSIDELEFT's best year for content in a while. Anyway, here's 102 of the most widely read stories we published in 2022, lead by Spencer Kansa who only sent in one item. In 2023, Come Back Spencer...

  1. America Never Deserved Bowie
    Spencer Kansa says the American media didn't dare get David by Spencer Kansa
  2. The Yellow Wallpaper - Film Review
    The latest version of the classic feminist gothic horror story hits the screens by Lake
  3. Re: Wire
    This is what Wire's Not About To Die really sounds like by Alarcon
  4. I Photographed All Of Steve Coogan's Early Characters In My Hulme Flat
    Madchester scene photographer Richard Davis discusses his vital documentation of the Manchester scene with Tim London by Tim London
  5. John McGeoch: Quintessential Guitar Man
    McGeoch's biography, The Light Pours Out Of Me, by Rory Sullivan Burke is out in April by Tim London
  6. Toon Traveler: One Man's Dream in Tangerine
    Toon Traveler takes a three mile Metro ride to see Tangerine Dream. It Ain't That Easy by Toon Traveller
  7. A Bunch of Five - Momus
    Musician and International Flaneur, Momus shares five considered things... by OL House Writer
  8. David Bowie Turns 75, Releases a New Album, Continues To Pivot and Live Forever
    Alarcon in his birthday suit... Remembering a lost master by Alarcon
  9. Momus : Smudger
    John Robinson listens to Smudger the new LP from Momus by John Robinson
  10. The World We Knew - Film Review
    Sheridan Coyle on the stylish low budget gangsters versus ghosts spookfest. by Sheridan Coyle
  11. Dust and Wisps
    Drawing and Painting at Cornelius Projects by LamontPaul
  12. I Was Buffalo Bill
    Jeremy Gluck on Nikki Sudden, Rowland S Howard, Epic Soundtracks and becoming Buffalo Bill by Jeremy Gluck
  13. Real Teen Shimmer...
    John Robinson hears the new Amoeba Teen LP and what he hears is good by John Robinson
  14. Momus - A Complete History
    John Robinson's journey through the work of Momus starts here... by Jay Lewis
  15. Ceremony: Pop Comes to Campus 1965-1995
    Ancient Champion sees the University of Birmingham's live music history make an exhibition of itself. by Ancient Champion
  16. Mark Stewart. VS
    Tim London listens to a new LP of collabs from Pop Group legend, Mark Stewart by Tim London
  17. Touchline - A Short Film About Football and Palestine
    Sheridan Coyle interviews director Mohammed Saffouri ahead of his film premier at the Tribeca Film Festival by Sheridan Coyle
  18. Hope and Glory After All
    Hailed as an exciting new voice in British fiction, Jendella Benson arrives with her debut novel, Hope and Glory by Ancient Champion
  19. Our Subversive Voice: The History and Politics of the English Protest Song
    An Interview with Oskar Cox Jensen, an investigator of the use of song to register protest through the ages by Tim London
  20. Bruce Claypool
    The abstract art and iconic design of Bruce Claypool by Ancient Champion
  21. Marion Raw
    A Star Is Born by Ancient Champion
  22. Outsideleft at SXSW - Mojo Nixon / Cymande / King Crimson - The Massive Music Documentary Round-Up
    The final report from the SXSW film festival focuses on three music doc premieres by Lake
  23. Pamina Stewart Found Art
    Often for Birmingham based artist Pamina Stewart the work begins with something thrown away by Ancient Champion
  24. Zero Hours Is The Best You Can Get
    Neil Campbell talks about his trio of poetic tales of unsteady work and fraught lives by Ancient Champion
  25. Mitski's Road to Laurel Hell
    Four years on from 'Be The Cowboy' - where is Mitski now? by Erin
  26. Let's Hear It For The Boy
    Elvis spends time with a Boy with a Problem by Jay Lewis
  27. Two For the Road: Vloeimans and Holshouser
    Trumpet and Accordion is the Drum and Bass for a New Generation says Toon Traveler by Toon Traveller
  28. Kind Of Punk, Part 2: Buzzcocks
    Kind Of Punk - the recollections of a 'nice girl' in a small town by Pam
  29. Portrait of a Lady
    Tim London hears Shilpa Ray by Tim London
    The Tradition That Runs Through Us featuring Greta Alfaro, Maria Coma and many more greats! right now in Barcelona by Ancient Champion
  31. Forty Years On: The Fall's 'Hex Enduction Hour'
    The first of Jay Lewis' deep dives in his favourite albums of 1982, start with an album that's 40 years old this week... by Jay Lewis
  32. CMAT: If My Wife Knew I'd Be Dead
    Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson writes up a storm... by Tim London
  33. The Fiery and Frenetic World of Walker Brigade
    John Robinson hears Walker Brigade inhabit an uber-inventive, experimental zone between punk and new-wave on their new LP, If Only by John Robinson
  34. Pam's Kind of Punk Diary #4: The Clash at the Glasgow Apollo
    The Clash, Suicide, The Specials... Down at the Apollo a riot was going on by Pam
  35. Track By Track: Brother Lee - Discotheque Blues
    Brother Lee talks us through his new LP by LamontPaul
  36. Saving Fashion and Landfills One Towel at a Time
    Jeff Yokoyama's Fashion Sense is Circular by Alarcon
  37. 'Here's Looking at You' - 50 years of 'Roxy Music'
    ... the other iconic album released 50 years ago this week. by Jay Lewis
  38. Living for the Weeknd
    Erin tunes in to the dazzling Dawn FM by Erin
  39. Baggy Love
    Tim London looks at Richard Davis' Madchester Years 1989-91 by Tim London
  40. Carl on Film
    Talking Film's Carl Sweeney on the Oscars, cheated Gangsters and significant moments from cinema's New Wave... by Sheridan Coyle
  41. Ancient Champion: Harry Partch, The Greatest Outsider
    Composer and instrument maker, Harry Partch by Ancient Champion
  42. Life Between Islands
    Tim London is at Tate Britain for the Caribbean-British Art Survey by Tim London
  43. Ancient Champion: Breakfast in America
    Breakfast In America is published here as part of Outsideleft's celebration of all short stories... by Ancient Champion
  44. Steve Earle: 87
    From the Jeremy Gluck Archives: Steve Earle Interview, 1987 by Jeremy Gluck
  45. Solid'Art, Paris: Art In Action
    Acquire a piece of art at Secours Populaire's contemporary art fair and a child gets a holiday by LamontPaul
  46. A Hero For Our Times
    Murkage Dave talks to Tim London about culture, pop's culture and... an enduring love for Sting! by Tim London
  47. Marty Roberts of Iconic Los Angeles Lounge Act Marty & Elayne Dies at 89
    Alarcon mourns the loss of one of the Cocktail Nation's founding fathers. by Alarcon
  48. Traces of the Earth
    Pauline Bailey, Joyce Treasure and Ola Brown at the Lapworth Museum of Geology by LamontPaul
  49. Tales From The Ghost Town
    Alan Rider talks about his finely crafted book on Coventry's 70s/80s fanzine culture by Ancient Champion
  50. Neil Campbell's The Last Bookseller
    A new short story from acclaimed indie author Neil Campbell by Neil Campbell
  51. Greenham Common
    Janine Wiedel: Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp 1983-1984 by Tim London
  52. Track By Track: Happy Songs by The Family Grave
    Jon from The Family Grave talks us through their new LP Happy Songs by LamontPaul
  53. Twenty One's Twelve
    Jay Lewis selects twelve of his photographs from the last twelve months by Jay Lewis
  54. museumgoer talks. to museumgoer
    ancient champion listens in by Ancient Champion
  55. This Is (Power) Pop!!!
    John Robinson hears Anton Barbeau's ecstatic product of a lockdown time by John Robinson
  56. You Are Not My Mother - Film Review
    Film Editor, Lake views a disturbing debut feature from Irish director Kate Dolan. by Lake
  57. Forty Years On: 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'
    Jay Lewis continues his trawl through the best albums of 1982, today it's Orange Juice's debut by Jay Lewis
  58. Move Me - Film Review
    Kelsey Peterson's intimate documentary about navigating disability, loss and rebirth. by Lake
  59. Ancient Champion at that Half Time Show
    Inglewood drew Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J Blige, Kendrick Lamarr, Eminem and Anderson Paak's The National together with a cast of thousands... by Ancient Champion
  60. Alarcon on Exodus
    Following an assassination attempt, Bob Marley decamped to London... by Alarcon
  61. Oh Man, Not Timmy Thomas Too
    Tim London remembers the iconic and less well known but amazingly great songs of Timmy Thomas by Tim London
  62. Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
    Bigger, more magical Big Thieves by LamontPaul
  63. Ancient Champion: Reyner Banham Loved Los Angeles
    When Los Angeles was the Future by Ancient Champion
  64. A Voice for Landscape
    Dylan Williams is shaking up the landscape and talking to Jeremy Gluck along the way by Jeremy Gluck
  65. Slouching Towards Eden: An evening with Jim Crace
    Jim Crace in conversation with C.D. Rose by Meave Haughey
  66. Pam's Kind of Punk Diary #3: Punk Dilemmas
    Pam's opening her original punk diaries from the late 70s... by Pam
  67. Suicide '88: Wild and Blue
    From the Jeremy Gluck Archives: Suicide by Jeremy Gluck
  68. Miss Clara The International Celebrity Superstar
    The Barber Institute's Celebrity Beasts in Art, 1500-1860 by Ancient Champion
  69. Toon Traveler on the war in Ukraine
    Toon Traveler considers Tim London's Ukraine piece by Toon Traveller
  70. Zeros and Ones - Film Review
    Abel Ferrara's lockdown conspiracy thriller featuring triple Ethan Hawke by Lake
  71. Forty Years On - 'Shoot Out The Lights' by Richard and Linda Thompson
    Jay Lewis continues his trawl through the best albums of 1982, today it's a folk rock masterpiece by Jay Lewis
  72. Marko Nyberg's Nordic Noir
    John Robinson hears Marko Nyberg's new EP Ingrid by John Robinson
  73. Wild Men - Film Review
    Martin's midlife crisis finds him high up in the mountains of Norway dressed as a Viking and on the run by Lake
  74. Tomas Fujiwara's on a Triple Double
    Toon Traveler says Tomas Fujiwara's Triple Double is Worth the Commitment by Toon Traveller
  75. Outsideleft at SXSW - Bitch Ass
    Billed as the first masked Black serial killer, Bitch Ass comes lumbering across the screen in this undercooked slasher by Lake
  76. Promises, Promises: Punk, Pop and the Sawn-off Sixties of Generation X
    A deep dive into Jeremy Gluck's archive... with Generation X by Jeremy Gluck
  77. Pure Class
    Tim London gets The Social Distance Between Us, Darren McGarvey's acclaimed new polemic by Tim London
  78. Outsideleft at SXSW - short film round-up
    Lake is virtually in Texas, reporting back on the cinematic side of the SXSW festival by Lake
  79. Outsideleft at SXSW - CHEE$E
    Damian Marcano's joyous cheese and crime drama premieres at SXSW. by Lake
  80. City Kids London '73
    Cafe Royal Books reissue Simon Pope's essential photography of London Kids in the seventies by Tim London
  81. The Trembling of 'Limbs'
    Keeley Forsyth's sublime second album by Jay Lewis
  82. Track By Track: Museumgoer - Museumgoer 19
    Musuemgoer's series of ambient EPs reaches number 19 by Ancient Champion
  83. In The Spirit of Curtis Mayfield
    Tim London hears Murkage Dave's new LP, The City Needs A Hero by Tim London
  84. The Self: SWND Co-Founder Jeremy Gluck Returns With Stellar Remix Compilation
    The Self closes one circle and cycle of creative output, while creating a further one by LamontPaul
  85. Know Your Product: Soulmate!
    Tim Sparks looks at the T-Rex Soulmate acoustic guitar multi-fx pedal by Tim Sparks
  86. Pam's Kind of Punk Diaries
    Anti-Nazi League Carnival at Craigmillar Park, Edinburgh by Pam
  87. The Divine Comedy, Charmed Life, I'm sure
    Pop interlocutor Kath Pargeter hears the Divine Comedy and wonders who's laughing now by Katherine Pargeter
  88. Control - Film Review
    A locked room Sci-fi puzzle with a psychic kick by Lake
  89. Beam Me Up, Scotty
    Interstellar salutations for Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Nichelle Nichols by Ancient Champion
  90. Neu! 50! Box Set
    All-star (The National, Mogwai, The Idles + More) Tribute LP and 50th Anniversary Box Set by Duncan Jones
  91. Cursed Child
    Mark Stewart talks to Tim London by Tim London
  92. A Bunch of Five - Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
    Artists and Filmmakers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard choose five of their favourite things by OL House Writer
  93. The Tale of King Crab - Film Review
    The story of luckless Luciano banished to the end of the world by Lake
  94. Track By Track: Dreams - The Real Tuesday Weld
    Bandleader Stephen Coates talks us through the group's great new album Dreams one song at a time by Lee Paul
  95. Vanley Burke: Blood & Fire
    A Journey Through Vanley Burke's History - Soho House, Birmingham by Ancient Champion
  96. Still Sick! Incurable Psychobilly 30 Years On
    Sheridan Coyle slicks his quiff and checks in with In Line Juggs bass player Ditch to dissect the reissue of the band's long lost debut album by Sheridan Coyle
  97. Trainwreck: Woodstock '99
    Alarcon's back at Woodstock 2 by Alarcon
  98. A Bunch of Five - Maya Kuroki
    Lead singer with Canadian psyche-rockers TEKE::TEKE, and an acclaimed visual artist, Maya Kuroki's surrounded by 5 significant things by OL House Writer
  99. As It Is To Be
    Victoria Arriola's new show at SPARC by Ancient Champion
  100. Without John Lomax You Probably Don't Exist
    Tim London digging deep into the South Carolina field recordings of John Lomax by Tim London
  101. Wake Up! To Sounds From A Forgotten Past...
    Remember that old James Blood Ulmer LP? Toon Traveler just found a copy in his garage and has no recollection of how it got there by Toon Traveller
  102. The Caller
    File Wayne Dean-Richards under Microfiction... by Wayne Dean-Richards

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