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Gemma Moore Sells Out Gemma Moore's Imagined Landscapes work at Bishop's Castle has sold out

Gemma Moore Sells Out

Gemma Moore's Imagined Landscapes work at Bishop's Castle has sold out

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: January, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Imagined Landscapes and the Poetry Pharmacy - a fine afternoon out

Even before I managed to get over to her exhibition at Bishop’s Castle in Stafford, I discovered that all of Gemma Moore’s thrilling, immersive, Imagined Landscapes, on display there, had already sold out.  A disappointment for me maybe, but thrilling for Gemma.

Imagined Landscapes (2022) are a series of photographic prints of mixed media paintings that are abstractions of local landscapes. The works are characterised by an intense array of colours, lines and patterns that signify feelings and associations triggered by different environments. The majority of the works were created whilst Gemma Moore (M.F.A) pursued an Artist Residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust in April 2022.

Anyway, Gemma’s exhibition at the Bishop's Castle continues until February 4th and is not to be missed if you are over in that direction.

Imagined Landscape

Equally, any trip to Bishop's Castle - a town highly regarded by no less an aesthete than Tom Dyckhoff, is not complete without a visit to The Emergency Poet, Debra Alma's Poetry Pharmacy on the High Street. Here you will find Poetry on prescription, as an alternative therapy for your emotional ailments. Whether you are suffering from the stresses of the modern world or the pain of a broken heart or simply need a tonic for the spirits, rest assured that the Poetry Pharmacy will have a poetic remedy for you.

And if you haven't been abroad in a while, you should know that Bishop's Castle is located only a mile and a half from the Welsh border...

Meanwhile this has been an incredible year for Gemma Moore, graduating with an MA from Birmingham Art School; Gemma is a Dementia Arts Practitioner, her work has been featured at Tate Britain and... Gemma was part of OUTSIDELEFT's Bunch of Five series in December.

Essential Info (About Bishop's Castle!)
Gemma Moore
Imagined Landscapes
Town Hall, Bishops Castle, UK
Saturday, January 7th - February 4th

The Poetry Pharmacy
36 High Street,
Bishops Castle,
Shropshire, SY9 5BQ

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