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Film News - The World We Knew - Now Available in the UK Longtime Outsideleft favourite finally hits UK streaming platforms and DVD racks

Film News - The World We Knew - Now Available in the UK

Longtime Outsideleft favourite finally hits UK streaming platforms and DVD racks

by Sheridan Coyle,
first published: March, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Outsideleft favourite finally hits UK streaming platforms

We've been keeping an eye on the future underground cult classic horror noir film The World We Knew since it debuted at the FrightFest festival back in 2020. After numerous Covid shaped obstacles blocked the path of film makers Powis Square Pictures the film finally sees a UK release on March 20 on streaming platforms and on DVD. It has also just been released on Blu-ray in the USA.

Our previous The World We Knew coverage can be found here:

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Essential Information
The World We Knew is available on DVD and digital platforms in the UK.
It is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms in the USA.
The soundtrack album by The Limiñanas was released by Because Music as a limited edition LP on Record Store Day. It is also available on streaming platforms.

Sheridan Coyle

Sheridan Coyle is an actor / model/ writer / uninfluential-influencer. Currently echewing social media, Sheridan is esconced in a friends' Queen Anne home in Southern California, watching films, wearing athleisurewear and undyed On trainers which he actually had to pay for. He takes a critical interest in films and the stars. Who doesn't?

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