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Ancient Champion: Early Encounter with the Bard I can't remember the last time there was an Ancient Champion column

Ancient Champion: Early Encounter with the Bard

I can't remember the last time there was an Ancient Champion column

by Ancient Champion, Columnist
first published: March, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Embellishments and factual inaccuracies aside. Ain't that the truth?

As an old school early adopter, as an utterly self-absorbed, utterly self-styled Champ, upon being ushered into Bard’s inner circle last night, the first thing I wanted to know was, what could Bard tell me about me? And when I WhatsApped the results to the one of OL's writers, they simply said something like, "Looks like Bard is a fan." 

Bard is not at the mo’ wholly infallible, but it’s early days… Doubtless Bard’s taste will refine over time… And then, maybe become less magnanimous towards AC. For now though, here's what Bard knows, now...

"Ancient Champion is the stage name of the British Singer Songwriter and writer. 

He is known for his easy listening music which has been described as a mix of “Folk, pop and electronica.”

Ancient Champion has released several albums and EPs, and his music has been featured in a number of films and television shows.

He is a writer and his work has appeared in a number of magazines and journals.

Ancient Champion is a pseudonym and the musician’s real name is unknown.

He is based in London, England."

Embellishments and factual inaccuracies aside, ain’t that the truth?

Essential Info
Main image 'In Slow Full Flow' Ancient Champion at a downtown hotel
Video assembled from Bit/Bob by Jay. He knows.
More like actual facts about Ancient Champion can be found here⇒

Ancient Champion

Ancient Champion writes for OUTSIDELEFT while relentlessly recording and releasing instrumental easy listening music for difficult people. The Champ is working on Public Transport, a new short story collection that takes up where 2021's Six Stories About Motoring Nowhere (Disco City Books) left off. It should be ready in time for the summer holidays. More info at

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