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Is Indie Pop Alive and Kicking? Tim Sparks asks Indie Pop band The Resolve to give us the answer...

Is Indie Pop Alive and Kicking?

Tim Sparks asks Indie Pop band The Resolve to give us the answer...

by Tim Sparks,
first published: March, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

We record the demos all together, and it's usually accompanied by beer, gin and wings

The double A sided single, Satisfy and So You Say was the very first release from The Resolve back in 2022. The record received multiple records of the week awards and reached number #1 on the Dutch Indie Chart and stayed there for 2 weeks. The Resolve cut their teeth in the Kent/London pub/bar circuit, gained a faithful following and progressed quickly to be regulars in the Kent festival scene entertaining crowds of up to 35,000 people. Their follow up single ‘Feelings’ will be released on the 24th March. Feelings is taken from their debut EP which will be released later in the year. The Resolve spoke to Outsideleft about their career so far.


Outsideleft: How did your band come together and how did the name come about?
The Resolve: The 3 of us (bass player / singer / guitarist) bumped into each other at a train station, and hadn’t seen each other for a long time, we chatted and said we should have a jam. I used to work with a guy who was a drummer so invited him. He then said his brother in law plays guitar as well, and that was it., after one rehearsal everything just clicked so we thought let’s play a gig, and it’s grown from then.

OL: How would you describe your sound, what are some of your musical influences and how do you think they reflect in your music?

TR: Classic 90s British guitar sound, we are influenced from all the main bands of Britain from The Beatles through to Oasis, but also with American Rock, in particular Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

For our sound, we want to make sure from the first note you know exactly what song it is that we are playing, also we are passionate on having big choruses!

OL: What's been the biggest challenge you've faced as a new band so far?
We got together as a band a year before covid hit, therefore the biggest challenge was knowing whether we could pick up the momentum we had made when lockdown ended, thankfully we did.

OL: Can you tell us about your songwriting process, is a collective effort?
The song writing comes from all over, for example our next 3 releases have all been written by different members of the band. if anyone has an idea, we play it to the band and it usually takes about 5min to know if it’s a keeper.

Simon in the band though def has a catalogue up his sleeve, as he will bring out a fully crafted track from nowhere!

OL: Whats your recording process, do you record at home or in a studio, are you involved in the mixing and mastering process?
We record the demos all together, and it’s usually accompanied by beer, gin and wings, and will then use this to take into the studio. We have been recording at The Joplin House with the tracks being produced by Dan Lucas. We give him the demo, then record all

our parts, and then he works his magic to produce it and takes the song to the next level.

OL: What can fans expect from your upcoming releases?
We wanted to release 3 different sounding songs, the first one is your classic, 90s Brit Pop sound which just sticks in your head after one listen, the second is a full on rock song, where the opening riff grabs your attention from the first second and doesn’t let up until the end and the third track is a kind of ballad, and it takes you on a journey of an easy flowing verse that just builds to a big chorus.

OL: What are your plans for gigs and playing live shows?
As it is festival season taking place, we want to play as many as we can, therefore taking any opportunity to get our new songs heard by as many people as possible.

OL: How are you utilising social media to connect with fans and promote your music?
We are heavy on social media, which you need to be nowadays, we will post in the lead up to our upcoming releases and for any live shows we do.

OL: Have you considered partnering with influencers or bloggers to help promote your band and music?
We released our debut track at the end of last year, and realised that we missed a big trick not working with influencers or bloggers, so that is something we are now looking to do going forward.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
That music is fun and enjoyable! Too many songs today are over complicated, and we think that people have forgotten about having a chorus in a song, we want you to hear our music and for it to then lift you away in whatever you are doing.

What strategies are you using to stand out in a crowded online music marketplace?
For these next 3 releases we are trying to actually stand out with some really cool artwork for single sleeves, we are working with 3 independent artists to all give us their take on music, focused around the eyes, you’ll see what we mean when you see our single sleeve for Feelings!

Do you release your music independently or through a record label, and how does that decision impact your success?
We release our music independently, and we were offered a publishing deal after our very first song, however the terms of the deal didn’t sit right with us. We are looking to work with a record label to help us with that additional exposure that we need.

Whats your thoughts on the Live music scene at the moment, are live gigs important to you, do you think gigs are better for connecting with a fan base?
100%! Live gigs without doubt are the best way to connect with fans, the problem is that more and more venues are closing down, and more venues only want to have cover/tribute bands as opposed to original bands, so please support your local bands, it makes a massive difference to them!

How difficult is the process of releasing music in the digital market and getting feedback or recognition?
Releasing music has changed so much due to streaming sites. Actually releasing music is easier than ever, and so much music is now released every week, however it also means getting you music heard is even harder than ever!

You have to take your time, and find the right people like yourself and Outside Left, who have a passion for original music, and to give you a platform to be heard from.

Do you think platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok help new artists ?
Yes and no, these platforms can give you access globally! That means however that everyone globally is also doing the same as you, therefore it is extremely difficult to stand out from everyone else. 

Feelings is released on March 24th

Tim Sparks

Tim is a UK based music producer who takes a keen interest in artists who are just starting out, from helping them to get their music heard, to advice on studio production and live performance and way more.

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