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Jina & Kate's Cat Powered Conversation Artist Kate Groobey's work is featured at Art Brussels

Jina & Kate's Cat Powered Conversation

Artist Kate Groobey's work is featured at Art Brussels

by Ancient Champion, Columnist
first published: April, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

"You like the ones that hit the Soul Bone." - Cat Power

Kate Groobey
Art Brussels
April 20-23rd

Well I dig art that has lore, a backstory. That’s because from the floor of a gallery, maybe I don’t know how to tell you about what’s in front of me in a way that would be meaningful to you. I don’t know what you think. 

Kate Groobey, who we first encountered by happenstance, we met her work in a corner of the IKON gallery in Birmingham, and it has simply been love ever since. All the swishing sweeping brush stokes and intimations of something other, intimate and outsize. The cutting up and cutting out.  We have featured Kate's work a few times, with breathless awe. We haven’t featured Kate often enough though. All of this is to say that if you are in Brussels this weekend, Kate’s work will be on display at Art Brussels, the annual Contemporary Art Fair hosted by the city, running from April 20-23rd, 2023.

Kate Groobey Soul Bone

Kate’s work, Soul Bone, is inspired by, drawn from a conversation between Groobey's wife, the writer and poet Jina Khayyer, and Cat Power, the musician who should more ordinarily be prefixed with the revered. Certainly here.  Khayyer told Power that she loved her 'Wanderer' album, that the songs on it ‘get right to the heart’. Power replied, ‘you like the ones that hit the soul bone’. 

Founded in 1968, Art Brussels is one of the most renowned contemporary art fairs in Europe and a must-see in the international art calendar bringing together more than 150 of the most critical important in the world and drawing 25.000 collectors, gallerists, curators, art professionals and art lovers from around the world for a few days each spring. Since 2016, the Art Brussels has been held in the emblematic Tour & Taxis building, in the heart of Brussels. This year, the fair is moving back to the Brussels Expo site, an Art Deco icon built for the 1935 Brussels International Exposition.

Essential Information
Main images, Soul Bone series by Kate Groobey
Kate Groobey can be found here
Kate Groobey at Outsideleft
Art Brussels website is here

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